Lead pot is specially designed for melting and refining non-ferrous metal lead at low melting point.

In the process of lead smelting, molten lead pot is an important smelting equipment, which capacity is 1 ton, 2 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons and so on.Due to different processes and applications, melting crude lead casting electrochemical refining anode plate equipment is called melting lead pot.The equipment for melting cathode lead to make the beginning plate is called the beginning plate pot or cathode pot.Equipment that melts cathode lead for refining and then casts it into ingots is called a refining pot or electric lead pot.

Detailed description:

Material: alloy steel, carbon steel,heat ductile iron, gray iron.

Quality standard: according to national and international standards.

Production process: sand casting, welding

Machining process: flange surface processing, including drilling and tapping.

Trends in material selection: cast steel has significant advantages over heat-resistant cast iron in terms of service life, maintenance, and cost efficiency.Therefore cast steel smelting pot is more and more widely used.Cast steel has a better chance of repair than other materials because it is easy to weld.

Due to the good shrinkage of steel castings, the deformability of the middle clay core is very important. Limestone sand is used as the molding sand for the mud core, and cracks will not occur due to the good reducibility.

Through years of practice summary, we have mastered a complete set of production methods of molten lead pot and formed our own knowhow.

Lead Pot
Lead Pot

The process and standards of our melting lead pot were established.Even so,our melting lead pot castings still have a lot to be improved.

From the above discussion, we can draw the following points:

(1)Continuous improvement of casting system can further upgrade our melting lead pot quality and production efficiency of molten lead pot.

(2) According to the characteristics of our melting lead pot, heat-resistant steel will be a better choice.

(3)Extend the life cycle of molten lead pot through the improvement of casting technology and material.



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