On May 23, 2019, we received a project of slag tank from a South American customer. According to the customer’s requirements, it is an important equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry. It is a kind of container for holding hot slag generated in the process of steel smelting, and it has bowl-shaped container with lifting lugs on both sides.
At that time, the South American customer required that the slag tank could hold lead liquid at 900℃ and was made of pearlitic ductile iron, so we recommended qt500-7 ductile iron for him. Qt500-7 is of medium strength and toughness, and has certain resistance to rapid temperature change and corrosion resistance, and adopts sand casting process. Sand casting is a process with a long history and wide application.

Chemical Component of  QT500-7:


Mechanical Capacity of  QT500-7:

Tensile Strength MPa≥500
Yield Strength MPa≥320
Elongation %≥7
Hardness HB170~230HB
Basal BodyFerrite + pearlite

We sent our Suggestions to the customer. Through communication, the customer asked us to improve the performance of the product, so we finally chose the material qt600-3 and did the annealing treatment. The material is pearlitic ductile iron.

Chemical Component of  QT600-3:


Mechanical Capacity of  QT600-3:

Tensile Strength MPa≥600
Yield Strength MPa≥370
Elongation %≥3
Hardness HB190~270HB
Basal BodyFerrite + pearlite




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