How to verify Radiant Tubes

The most intuitive way to verify the quality of the Radiant Tube is: first wipe the surface of the radiant tubes, then switch on the AC 220V power supply, dry it in the air, turn off the power after the surface turns red, and wipe it with a napkin after the radiant tube is completely cooled. There should be no black oxide powder on the white paper (not reacting with oxygen in the air), indicating that it is a high-quality radiant tube.

Radiant Tubes

Improve the service life of Radiant Tubes

  1. The radiant tube is the key equipment in the heating section of the continuous annealing furnace of the galvanizing unit. It is used for radiant heating of the strip, eliminates the internal stress of the strip, improves the plasticity, and achieves the purpose of annealing. The consequences of this may even affect the normal operation of production. To prevent the radiant tubes from being burnt and to prolong the service life of the radiant tube, certain measures must be taken.
  2. Adjust the combustion ratio of combustion gas and combustion-supporting air. Because excessive oxygen will cause strong nitriding and oxidation in a nitrogen atmosphere, the radiant tube will be corroded and damaged, so the O2% content in the combustion exhaust gas is controlled below 2% .
  3. The action of the gas pressure control valve and air pressure control valve should be sensitive, not lagging, to ensure the stability of the gas pressure and air pressure during combustion, and to ensure the complete combustion of the gas.
  4. The speed of the exhaust gas exhaust fan is stable, reducing the fluctuation of the combustion flame.
  5. There should be no leakage in the heat exchanger of the combustion-supporting air to prevent the air from being drawn away by the exhaust fan, which will affect the mixed combustion ratio of gas and air.
  6. The connecting flange and seal of the heat exchanger must not leak, avoid the entry of cold air from the outside, and try to increase the temperature of the combustion air.
    If conditions and funds permit, a large heat exchanger should be installed, and the waste heat of exhaust gas discharged outside the plant (up to 390℃) is used to preheat the air for the first time. After the air enters the heat exchanger in the radiant tube of the burner Preheat the air twice to increase the temperature of the combustion air.
  7. When the temperature of the radiant tubes is >400℃ (furnace temperature), it is strictly forbidden to open the furnace cover and disassemble the burner and heat exchanger to avoid cracks caused by the shrinkage of the high-temperature radiant tube with cold air.
  8. Try to arrange centralized production of strip steel with the same heating demand
  9. Try to maintain the uniformity of the working temperature during production, and avoid quickly heating up the burner and stopping the burner for purging and cooling operations.

Radiant Tubes

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