Hot Sales Welding Electrode 6010 / Welding Rod 6010

  • Place of Origin:jiangsu,China
  • Brand Name:EB
  • Model Number:E6013 AWS E6013 6013 6011 6010 7018
  • Material:Carbon steel
  • Welding Electrode 6010 / Welding Rod 6010


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    Welding Electrode 6010 / Welding Rod 6010

    • Name:6010 Welding Rod / Arc Welding Rods
    • 6010 Carbon Steel Welding Electrode /Arc Welding Rods

    AWS Specification: AWS A5.1 E6011
    JIS Specification: D4311
    Other Specification: DIN E4343C4


    High cellulose with iron powder for higher deposition rate and high welding speed than other ordinary E6011 electrode
    Can be use in both AC or DC power source
    Fast freezing with stable, strong & deep penetrating arc force for easy manipulation in any position welding including vertical down and overhead
    Thin slag covering which is easily remove
    High quality Welding Rod 6010 metal with high ductility and pass radiographic test


    Used primarily for welding mild steels, such as ASTM A-36, A-283, A-284, A-285, A-515, A-516, and ABS Hull and Boiler Steel
    Welding of bridges, building, piping, ship building, pressure vessels (fired and unfired) and tanks
    Welding of galvanized steels and rusty or oily steel in maintenance and repair work
    Use for root pass welding using “stovepipe” technique

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    Welding Electrode 6010 / Welding Rod 6010

    Polarity: Unless otherwise specified, use AC with N-6010
    The N-6010 electrodes can be used on DCEP with a current about 10% below normal AC values
    Always adjust current proper arc action and control of the weld puddle
    Flat: Hold a 3.2mm or shorter arc or touch the work lightly with the electrode tip. Move fast enough to stay ahead of the molten pool. Use currents in the middle and higher portion of the range.
    Vertical: Vertical down drag techniques are used by pipeliners and for single pass welds on thin steel. Vertical-up is used for most fillet welds or V-butt joints. Use currents in the lower portion of the range
    Overhead and horizontal butt welds: Use a 4.0mm diameter or smaller electrode. These welds are best made with a series of stringer beads using a technique similar to those described for first pass vertical-up welds
    Sheet metal edge and butt welds: Use DCEP and hold a 4.0mm or longer arc. Move as fast as possible while maintaining good fusion. Position the work 45 degrees down hill for fastest welding. Use currents in the middle of the range
    Pipe Welding: The procedure used should be checked for proper electrode size and polarity for the wall thickness, strength level, and chemistry of the pipe line being welded

    Noted: (%) Accord with GB/T8110-95
    Chemical composition
    Guarantee value
    Welding Electrode 6010 / Welding Rod 6010
    Test Item
    Guarantee value
    -(normal temperature)
    General result
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