Cast Iron Welding Rod Simple Welding Rods Near Me

  • Place of Origin:jiangsu,China
  • Brand Name:EB
  • Model Number:E6013 AWS E6013 6013 6011 6010 7018
  • Material:Carbon steel
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    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    Cast Iron Welding Rod Simple Welding Rods Near Me

    welding electrode coating:

    Cast Iron Welding Rod is covered with a relatively high quality covering applied in a layer of 1 to 3mm thick.

    The weight of such a coating is from 15 to 30% of electrode weight. The greatest of welding is done with coated electrodes.

    This restricts the process to a slow manual operation. If the flux coating is placed inside a long tube, the electrode can be in the form of a bare wire in the form of a coil.
    Then the shielded arc process can be made continuous and automatic.

    The primary purpose of a light coating is to increase arc stability; the coating is also called as ionizing coatings. Since the electrode coating is brittle only straight stick electrodes can be used.
    Function of Electrode coatings
    Improving the arc stability by providing certain chemicals which have this ability by ionizing the path of arc
    Provide a protective gaseous atmosphere to prevent oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen picks up by the molten metal.
    Protective slag over hot metal
    Provide flux, which helps to remove oxides and other impurities from the molten metals
    Reduce spatter of Cast Iron Welding Rod – when coating burns off slower than the core.
    Acts as deoxidizer
    Slow down the cooling rate of the weld (due to the protective layer of slag) to prevent hardening.
    Coatings are normally insulators of electricity and so prevent the use of electrodes in narrow grooves etc.,

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    Cast Iron Welding Rod Simple Welding Rods Near Me

    Basic or low hydrogen Electrode Coating

    4 Major Types Of Cast Iron Welding Rod CoatingsThe basic electrode coating is made up of calcium carbonates and fluorite. This coated electrodes must satisfy the required mechanical properties of the steels which it is intended to weld (tensile, impact strength, CTOD, creep, etc.). Many analytical combinations make it possible to obtain the tensile characteristics sought in the deposited metal, but the solutions that satisfy both the tensile and toughness characteristics are much more limited. This is increasingly true the higher the tensile properties.

    In addition, the chemical balance retained for an electrode must be the most robust possible, i.e. it must satisfy the various requirements in spite of the variations inherent in any industrial production, and that, in a broad field of Cast Iron Welding Rod conditions (thermal cycles). Lastly, a basic electrode must be designed so that the diffusible hydrogen content in the deposited metal is as low as possible in order to avoid any risk of cold cracking while minimizing or even precluding pre-heating and post-heating.

    Cellulosic Electrode coating

    4 Major Types Of Cast Iron Welding Rod CoatingsThe cellulosic electrode coating is made up of organic materials mostly cellulose. Cellulosic electrode coating is identical as rutile. But, the basic difference is the percentage of Titanium dioxide,(Tio2 ) is less in the cellulosic coating. When cellulosic burns, it results is the evolution of a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. These gases provide a protective shield to the molten base metal.

    When compare with the same thickness of the work a cellulosic coating results in deeper penetration as compared to rutile coating. Since the rate of evolution of hydrogen gas is high there is a danger of hydrogen embrittlement of the base metal.

    Iron oxide electrode coating

    4 Major Types Of Welding Electrode CoatingsThe electrode coated with iron oxide improves arc behavior, bead appearance; helps increase the metal deposition rate and arc travel speed. During welding evolution of hydrogen gas is less as compare with cellulosic coated electrode. Also it as low penetration and good look weld penetration.

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