1. In March 2018, we provided metal bismuth powder samples to German customers.
Bi Powder 1
Bi Powder
  1. The initial sample was 10 kg, with 50 placement m, with a purity of 99.95.


Bi Powder 2
Bi Powder 2

3.Customers inquiry us through Alibaba, we carefully guide our products to customers.The purity and fineness of our product are introduced.Finally, the customer decided to order 10 kg samples for testing.This is a good start, showing our company “through sincere cooperation with customers to establish sincere friendship” customer development concept.

4.Sexual: grayish white metal with a reddish sheen.Soft and brittle, oxidized in air.When heated, the flame is light blue and produces yellow or brown bismuth oxide.Electricity is a poor conductor.

Relative density (d204) is 9.78.Bismuth powder for sale.Melting point is 271 ℃.High purity bismuth powder.The boiling point of 1420 ℃ (1490 ℃).

Bismuth powder is widely used in various bismuth alloy products, low temperature solder, metallurgical additives in steel plants, oil exploration perforation bomb, plastic filling agent, precision casting, electroplating wheel, abrasive disc, sharpening knife, etc.

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