Aluminum casting refers to the metal products obtained by melting pure aluminum or aluminum alloy ingots in crucible or medium-frequency furnace and casting them into mold cavity.Generally, sand mold or metal mold is used to heat liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy poured into the mold cavity, and the various shapes and sizes of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts.

Aluminum casting technology is mainly divided into gravity casting, die casting, sand casting, precision casting.

Sand casting

Both ferrous metal and most nonferrous alloy castings can be produced by sand casting.The molding sand used in the sand casting process is simple and easy to obtain.For a long time, it has been the most basic casting process.However, the casting surface quality is rough, and the size grade can only reach CT13 or so.

Precision casting

Precision casting, commonly known as wax-loss casting, is suitable for complex small pieces, casting quality precision is relatively high, but aluminum parts sand cleaning is difficult, the cost is relatively high.

Die casting

Die casting is a metal casting process characterized by the use of mold cavity to apply high pressure to molten metal.Die casting is especially suitable for manufacturing a large number of small and medium-sized thin castings, so die casting is one of the most widely used casting processes.Compared with other casting techniques, die casting has a smoother surface and higher dimensional consistency.

Gravity casting

Gravity casting is a process in which molten aluminum is injected into a mold under the action of gravity.

Generally, metal mold (steel mold) is used for Gravity Casting, and its mold is made of heat-resistant alloy steel. The strength, size and appearance of aluminum castings are higher than those of other casting processes.

Gravity casting process takes the advantage of the weight of the metal liquid filled cavity and finishes melting,pouring,cleaning and shot blasting by gravity casting machine.If necessary,we will do heat treatment and machining.The characteristics of aluminum alloy gravity castings are as follows:

  1. Highersurface finish andhigher compactness.

2. Few internal pores, heat treatment can be carried out.

  1. Higherelongation.
  2. High mold cost and long service life.
  3. High production efficiency, thus reducing production costs.
  4. Simple process and strong adaptability.

The process selection is mainly based on the wall thickness of the workpieces.When the wall thickness of Aluminum castings is greater than 8mm, die casting will cause a lot of pores in the wall, so when the thick wall of Aluminum castings is less than 8mm, gravity casting process can be considered.



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