High Chrome Plate Hammer

Common name:
High chromium plate hammer, crusher plate hammer, wear-resistant plate hammer, alloy plate hammer, composite plate hammer, counterattack breaking plate hammer, counterattack plate hammer
Applicable equipment:
Impact crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher, fine crusher
main material:
High chromium cast iron, high chromium alloy, high manganese steel, wear-resistant alloy steel
Applicable materials:
Used in building materials, ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, transportation, energy, cement, mining, chemical and other industries for medium and fine crushing materials

Plate Hammer

Plate Hammer Introduction

The high chromium plate hammer mainly includes a wear-resistant and impact-resistant material, and its main chemical composition includes Fe, C, Mn, Mo, Cr, Ni, V, etc., in which the content of Cr is 26, and the wear resistance is made of high manganese steel More than three times. The company uses low-alloy steel as the material and heat-treated. Its room temperature structure is tempered martensite, which is tempered with low carbon.
The high chromium plate hammer forms a kind of martensite during the heat treatment process, and the martensite structure has good toughness. At the same time, because it contains chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, nitrogen, tungsten and other rare earth alloy elements, it integrates wear resistance , Toughness, heat and corrosion resistance in one, the degree of wear resistance is extraordinary. The factory has designed a special casting process for this purpose to avoid the defects such as pores and sand holes that are easy to appear in the high chromium plate hammer casting, so that the casting thickness is uniform, the metallographic structure is dense, and the degree of wear resistance is greatly improved.

High Chrome Plate Hammer

Structure and characteristics

In the high chromium plate hammer, adding elements such as molybdenum and nickel can also improve the hardenability, and also improve the plasticity and corrosion resistance, but the cost is relatively high. It is necessary to choose whether to add it according to the actual situation of the customer. Molybdenum, nickel, and their content.
We can design customizable high chromium blow bars for customers according to the working conditions, so that the life of blow bars will be prolonged and at the same time save more costs for users.

Some technical parameters

ModelSpecification(mm)Inlet size(mm)Maximum feeding side length(mm)Production capacity(t/h)power(kw)total weight(t)Dimensions

We have been focusing on wear-resistant castings for nearly 20 years. We undertake various types of crusher parts processing business throughout the year. There are three series: high manganese steel series, multi-element alloy steel series, high and low chromium series; as long as you have samples or drawings, we can process them Customized!


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