On July 13th, 2019 (Saturday), our company held a major group building activity. The company’s growing power has made the company’s small partners come. The process of the group building is: visit the factory —-go to the nursing home —— celebrate the birthday of our manager Liu.

On Saturday morning, we took the subway to the East Station collection. We were led by Zhu and Manager Liu to visit some large factories. Although it was Saturday, the factory was still in full swing, the machine rumbling work, the busy figure of the workers.


The scene that shocked me the most was the forging of large bolts and nuts. In such hot weather, the workers still forged products next to the steaming stove. I tried to shoot some of the forged scenes at close range, but the hot temperature was that I gave up on this idea and could only take some photos from a distance.


After that, we visited other workshops one after another, and the workers in each workshop were very busy.


After visiting various workshops, our little friends have taken the usual problems to ask the factory director, such as: product drawings, material problems, processing problems, etc., the factory director answered them one by one.

Then we took a group photo at the door of the factory and prepared to go to the next location: nursing home.

Walking into the gates of the nursing home, a moment of silence made me lose my mind. Compared with the machine shop, the nursing home seems to be more silent, which also reflects the inner loneliness of the old people in the old people’s homes, and their children do not often visit them. Every month, Manager Zhu goes to the nursing home to visit the old man, combing his head, kicking his legs, and pinching his shoulders. The manager tells us that they are very pitiful and often see no family members. They are very lonely.


From the nursing home, I deeply realized the loneliness and sadness of the old man and the feelings of missing family.

It was getting late, we arrived at the last destination – the hotel, not only to fill our stomachs but also to celebrate the birthday of Manager Liu. It is very interesting that his birthday happened to be the same day.

The dinner at night made us feel relaxed, and we ate and ate together to have a chat. The scene was very relaxing and the mood was very pleasant. Eliminate the exhaustion of the day.

This time, the group building not only enhances the cohesiveness of our team, but also allows newcomers to better integrate into our team and increase communication with each other. This group building also allowed us to learn a lot of knowledge.

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