Coal Mill Liner

Common aliases:

Coal mill liner, cylinder liner, Raymond mill liner, trapezoidal liner, groove liner, coal bunker liner, silo liner

Applicable equipment:

Low-speed coal mill, medium-speed coal mill, high-speed coal mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, medium-speed fine powder mill, overpressure trapezoidal mill, Raymond mill Models such as mills, coal silos, and silos.

Main material:

High manganese steel, new composite materials, modified high manganese steel, new high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, super high manganese steel, metamorphic high manganese steel, multiple alloy steel, high (low) chromium cast iron Wait

Applicable materials:

The low-speed coal mill is particularly suitable for grinding hard anthracite. Medium-speed coal grinding is not suitable for grinding harder coal. In large-capacity coal-fired boilers, bowl-type medium-speed mills are used more; high-speed coal mills are especially suitable for grinding high-moisture lignite and bituminous coal with high volatile content and easy to grind.

As the main wearing parts of the coal mill, the matching of wear resistance and impact resistance of the coal mill lining and ball materials and their service life directly affect the safe and economic operation of the boiler pulverizing system;
According to the data, the most important performance of the liner and its materials used in thermal power plants is high hardness. Only high-hardness steel can resist the violent wear of dry abrasives. At the same time, in order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, it is required that the liner has sufficient impact toughness to ensure that the liner does not break and break during assembly and use.
For this reason, it is necessary to correctly select the coal mill liner material and casting and heat treatment process conditions, and strive to improve the hardness and strength while ensuring the willfulness of impact resistance, so as to realize the safe and reliable operation of the coal mill.

Coal Mill Liner Coal Mill Liner

Structure and characteristics

At present, the wearing parts such as liners in various mining mills and other beneficiation equipment in our country are generally made of ZGMn13 high manganese steel. Such wearing parts have to withstand certain impacts and abrasive wear during use, so their materials have good wear resistance and certain impact toughness. This material has high strength and toughness after quenching, and has good wear resistance and non-magnetic.

In order to obtain higher hardness, alloying elements are now used to replace part of carbon as strengthening elements of steel to make a rare earth wear-resistant cast steel. The hardness of this kind of steel is close to that of ordinary steel, but its hardness can reach HRC50 after quenching and air cooling. The use of this material to make ball mill liners and ring hammers for ring hammer crushers has achieved good results in power plants.

  • High chromium cast iron liner

High manganese steel under low impact load often results in excess toughness of the workpiece but insufficient wear resistance, rapid wear failure, and serious deformation, resulting in a short life of the workpiece; the new type of high toughness high chromium cast iron liner developed by Zhengzhou Yusheng, not price Expensive molybdenum and copper use high-efficiency rare earth composite modifier suitable for the characteristics of our country’s resources and a lot of chromium. Its hardness is above HRC60, impact toughness is above 8J/cm2, and wear resistance is 2.6 of that of ZGMn13 high manganese steel liner. Times.

It can be seen that when the impact is not large in the working condition, the rare earth wear-resistant cast steel can improve the wear resistance and the price is lower than that of the high manganese steel. It has been widely used in power plant coal grinding, coal crushing equipment, coal conveying system coal drop tube and boiler elbows and nozzles, and the wear resistance effect is relatively obvious.

Technical Parameters

Model numberHGM-60HGM-80HGM-100
Average working diametermm6008001000
Number of ring rollers and rollersRing roller152127
Roller ring222
Host feeding granularitymm≤10≤10≤10
Finished product sizeMicron5-455-455-45
Motor PowerkwHost375590
Powder classifier1118.530
feeding machine0.060.060.15
Discharge valve0.750.751.1
Weight of main machinekg520070009500

Only part of the coal mill models are listed here. Due to the continuous improvement of product performance, product parameters are subject to change without notice. If you need further understanding, please come to our factory for inspection!

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