In July 2019, an American customer inquired us for the C93200 tin bronze rod with specifications of 19 x921mm.
Specification for heat treatment of c93200 tin bronze: thermal processing temperature 750 ~ 850℃.

Mechanical properties and USES with high strength, good resistance to sliding friction, excellent cutting performance and good welding performance, in the atmosphere, fresh water has a good corrosion resistance.Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation, automotive and other industrial sectors to withstand friction parts, such as cylinder piston pin bushing, bearing and bushing lining, sub-connecting rod bushing, disk, gasket, etc.

C93200 copper alloy as a high strength, high conductivity copper alloy, and even including generally known beryllium copper, phosphorous bronze, nickel silver, brass, or brass with Sn addition has the following problems:

1) beryllium copper has the highest strength of copper alloys, but is very harmful to human health (especially in the molten state, even very small amounts of beryllium vapor are dangerous).Consequently, it is difficult to dispose of beryllium copper parts or products containing such parts (especially incineration), and the initial cost of melting equipment for manufacturing becomes extremely high.Therefore, in order to obtain the predetermined characteristics, solid solution treatment is required in the final stage of manufacturing, and there are economic problems including manufacturing cost.

2) phosphorus bronze and nickel silver are difficult to manufacture through hot rolling due to their poor thermal processability, so they are usually manufactured by horizontal continuous casting.As a result, productivity is poor, energy costs are high and yields are poor.In addition, phosphorus bronze and nickel silver for springs, which are representative varieties of high strength, contain a large amount of expensive Sn and Ni, so they are economically problematic and have low conductivity.

3) brass and Sn brass are cheap, but not only can not meet the balance of strength and elongation rate, poor stress relaxation characteristics, corrosion resistance problems (stress corrosion and zinc corrosion), not suitable for the above products to miniaturize, improve reliability and high performance of the composition materials.

Tin bronze bar material: C93200. Chemical composition is shown in the following table:


Since it was the first time for us to cooperate with the customer and we didn’t know each other, the customer didn’t trust us very much at the beginning. After we talked to him through us, he finally talked to us about his concerns. The customer thinks our price is very suitable, but he is troubled by the high customs tax. In addition to this new customer, we also have many American customers that we cooperate with. They are also facing the problem of customs tax, but we have provided the best solution to reduce many burdens of customers. For this new customer, we also gave the plan. He was satisfied with the plan, but still had doubts. In the later stage, we will continue to keep close communication with customers to dispel their doubts.




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