1. C84400 includes lead tin bronze bar, lead tin bronze pipe wear,lead resistant tin bronze bar containing and lead semi – red brass bar.The most widely used alloy in this family is the C84400 lead red brass round bar, known for its reasonable cost and excellent processing and casting properties.Such alloys are usually present in pipe applications.Lead content ensures tight pressure.C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bars with Red brass is also used for low-cost bearing materials at low loads.

2. Typical Uses for Copper Alloy Round Bar is as below:

① Architecture: ornamental fixtures
② Builders Hardwear: dead bolt locks, cases for dead bolt locks, door hardware for prisons, hardware
③ Building: cooling equipment, heating equipment
④ Industrial: valve bodies for the water industry, valves for water meters, valves, valve seat, low-pressure fittings, pump fixtures
⑤ Marine: marine hardware, boat parts, nuts for transducers
⑥ Plumbing: pipe fittings, fixtures

3. Physical Properties for C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bar is as below:

Melting Point – Liquidus1840° F1004° C
Melting Point – Solidus1549° F843° C
Density0.314 lb/in3 at 68° F8.69 gm/cm3 at 20° C
Specific Gravity8.698.69
Electrical Conductivity16.4% IACS at 68° F0.095 MegaSiemens/cm at 20° C
Thermal Conductivity41.8 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2 · °F) at 68° F72.4 W/m at 20° C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion10 · 10-6 per °F (68°-572° F)17.3 · 10-6 per °C (20°-300° C)
Specific Heat Capacity0.09 Btu/lb/°F at 68° F377.1 J/kg at 293° C
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension13000 ksi89600 MPa
Magnetic Permeability11

4.Chemichal Composition (%) for C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bar is as below:

Cu               Sn            Al            Fe         Ni          Pb                Si               P                Zn

78.0-82.0     2.3-3.5     ≤0.05     ≤0.4      ≤1.0    6.0-8.0       ≤0.005        ≤1.5          7.0-10.0

5.Mechanical property for C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bar is as below:

Tensile Strength(Mpa)  : 207

Yield Srength(Mpa) : 103

Elongation Percentage% : 16

Hardness(HB):  ≤55

6. Please find the attached pictures for the C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bars as below.

C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bar C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bar C84400 Copper Alloy Round Bar










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