201 stainless steel, with a certain acid and alkali resistance, high density, polishing no bubble, no pinhole and other characteristics, is the production of various watchcase, watchband bottom cover quality materials.Mainly used for decorative tube, industrial tube, some shallow stretching products.

At present, there are five types of 201 stainless steel in China: J1, J2, J3, J4 and J5 due to different compositions and application fields.The composition comparison is shown in the following table:


According to the above table, it can be seen that the components of nickel and chromium in J series are not significantly different, or there is a law of increasing and decreasing.But in terms of carbon content, copper content, is the most obvious.

Copper content: J4 > J1 > J3 > J2 > J5.

Carbon content: J5 > J2 > J3 > J1 > J4.

Hardness arrangement: J5, J2 >, J3 >, J1 >, J4.

Because of the chemical composition, their application range is not the same.

J1: the carbon content is slightly higher than that of J4 and the copper content is lower than that of J4, and its processing performance is not as good as that of J4. It is suitable for common shallow drawing and deep drawing products with large Angle, such as decorative plate, bathroom products, sink, product pipe, etc.

J2, J5:Decorative pipe: simple decorative pipe is good, because the hardness is high (above 96°) polished more beautiful, but square pipe or in bend (90°) easy to burst.

Plate: because of the high hardness, the board is more beautiful, surface treatment such as grinding, polishing, plating color can be.But the biggest problem is bending, bending easily broken, planing easy to burst.Poor ductility.

J3: suitable for decorative pipes.It is ok to be processed simply in adornment board respect, do not become slightly difficult.Feedback indicates that the shear plate is bent and there are internal seams after it is broken (make black titanium plate, color plate series, sanding plate, and there are internal seams after it is broken and folded).

J4: it is the higher end of J series, suitable for small Angle type of deep drawing products, most products of deep stretching and salt spray test will choose it.Such as sinks, kitchenware, sanitary products, kettles, thermos cups, hinges, POTS and so on.201 stainless steel products are very popular with Indian customers for theirhigh quality and low price.




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