Introduction to the material of pure zinc round rod

1. Pure zinc round rod material: High Purity Zn, ZINC (high purity zinc), content: 99.999% -99.99999%
2. Introduction of zinc:
Zinc is a very important metal, and its chemical properties are lively. In the air at normal temperature, a thin and dense layer of basic zinc carbonate film is formed on the surface, which can prevent further oxidation. Zinc is difficult to burn in air and emits strong white light in oxygen. High purity, bright color, dense tissue, no slag inclusions, no voids, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, uniform dissolution, long service life, etc. Zh

zinc round rod
3.Zinc round rod use: used in ships, steel piles, floating docks, trestle bridges, ballast tanks, underwater pipelines, sluices, underwater steel ropes, offshore platforms, port and offshore engineering facilities, underground cables, underground oil and gas pipelines, oil wells Casings, inner and outer walls of oil tanks, bridge foundations, reactors, concrete foundations, heat exchangers, rehydration gas, box coolers, water pipe inner walls, pumps, compressors, chemical towers, containers, storage tanks, etc.

The chemical composition of the zinc round rod material is as follows:

Chemical composition (%)



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