W Shaped Radiant Tube

  1. Advantages of W shaped radiant tube
  2. Installation, testing, and maintenance are convenient, all of which are carried out outside the furnace.
  3. No need to stop the furnace or cool down the furnace temperature for maintenance and replacement of electric heating devices.
  4. Under normal production conditions, the replacement only takes about 10 minutes, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves productivity.
  5. The structure is compact, the performance is stable, the single power is large, and the service life is several times that of ordinary electric heating radiant tubes.

W Shaped Radiant Tube

W Shaped Radiant Tube for the service life

The radiant tube used in the heating furnace is large in number and expensive.
If the unit life of the radiant tube is increased, huge economic benefits will be produced.
The main factors affecting the service life of the radiant tube are the material, structure and manufacturing process of the radiant tube, the installation structure and maintenance.
The uniformity of the surface temperature distribution of the radiant tube, the production process and the Operational level, etc.
The commonly used radiant tube has a large mass.
During use, under the combined action of alternating thermal stress and its own mass, it is prone to bending fatigue damage and creep deformation damage.
In order to reduce the deformation of the radiant tube, a fixed support structure integrated with the radiant tube is provided at each elbow, which is supported on the furnace wall during installation.
In order to adapt to the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage deformation of the W-shaped radiant tube, an expansion joint is set between the outlet on the burner side and the furnace cover.
Through the compensation of the expansion joint, the occurrence of cracks is avoided and the service life of the W-shaped radiant tube is increased.

W Shaped Radiant Tube

Application of W Shaped Radiant Tube
  • Obstruct long-term over-temperature and over-load use:
  • When the temperature of the furnace roll is at a high temperature of 400°C, no rapid cooling is allowed:
  • Do not touch the radiant tube during loading and discharging:
  • When the furnace is working, always pay attention to whether the traffic lights on the control panel are normal:
  • The traffic lights should be exchanged once after a period of time during the heat preservation to prevent the radiant tube from being burned due to the failure of the control switch:
  • Pay attention to the appearance of the work at any time, and it is necessary to analyze and deal with it in time if the furnace temperature and appearance instructions are found to be abnormal:
  • Furnaces with a capacity of 100KW, each heating zone is equipped with an ammeter for checking, and each phase of the three-compartment high-temperature electric furnace should be equipped with an ammeter.


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