EB offers a wide range of TITANIUM ZIRCONIUM ALLOYS products.We can do machine finished parts as per customers’ drawings.If ou require special size,we can also do forging products.

Titanium Alloy can be made into sheets,plates,round bars,flat bars,square bars,hexagon bars,angles,welded and seamless tubes and pipes,fittings,case billets,forged parts and so on.

The material 3.7025 can also be called EN Titan Grade 1,ASTM Ti-Grade 1,UNS R50250. Titanium Alloy 3.7025 is a kind of low oxygen

The special properties of Titanium Alloy 3.7025 ,commercially pure titanium grades feature an excellent strength-to-density ratio and good corrosion resistance. This makes them suitable for the manufacture of components in weight-saving structures with reduced mass forces, and also for components requiring high corrosion resistance. In addition, thermal stresses in titanium structures are lower than in other metallic materials, due to the low thermal expansion of titanium. The materials are also widely used in the medical sector because of their outstanding biocompatibility

The chemical composition is C≤0.08 ,N≤0.03,Fe≤0.2,O≤0.18,H≤0.015. The hardness is ≤HB120,Yield strength is ≥170N/mm²,Tensile strength Rm ≥240N/mm²,Elongation A5 ≥24%,Modulus of elasticity 105kN/mm².The density is 4.51g/cm³,specific heat capacity is 520J/kg k,thermal conductivity 21W/m K,electrical resistivity 0.47Ω mm²/m.

Titanium Alloy 3.7025 often used into chemical industry,aerospace industry and medical applications.Titanium Alloy 3.7025