In April 2018, Pakistan cement factory customer ordered 45 steel bolts and washers from us.

The size for bolts: M14 x 80, nut: M14, washer: Φ16 x 30 x 63 x 12, material: 45 steel, 8.8 grade.

Composition (%)CSiMnCrNiCu
45 steel    0.42-0.500.17-0.370.50-0.80≤0.25≤0.30≤0.25

Steel Bolts Steel Bolts

The steel washers are non-standard, in order to give our customer more satisfied quality, we focus on the mold making from the beginning. when I was constantly optimize our quality improving customer satisfaction, because the steel washers are very big which is not easy to do forging and machining. At the early stage, We use the early forging process, but the defects always appeared at the all the edges. In order to higher quality delivery, we changed the forge process to directly with the method of machining. Although the cost is a littler high, but the workpieces more neat and the size are more accurate, to exceed customer expectations.


The bolts are used forcement equipment. We adopted reasonable heat treatment process to obtain high-tensile screws with longer service life.We strictly control all our production Meanwhile, when all the bolts are completed, our professional testing personnel will inspection the parts one by one. Shipment will be arranged only after final inspection is ok.

Steel Bolts Steel Bolts

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