Common Problems And Solutions During Slag Tank Ferroalloy Smelting

Common problems during smelting:
1. Use a lined liquid iron ladle and three slag pots, sometimes molten iron is too much and will overflow from the ladle to the slag pots, resulting in a sharp rise in the temperature at the bottom of the slag pot, so as to cause damage to the slag pot.
2. Due to the design of the slag pot overflow port, the center of gravity of the slag pot is offset and tilted during the lifting process, and the slag liquid will overflow, which poses a great potential risk.
3. The overall structure of the slag pot is unreasonable, after thermal stress actions, slag pot is likely to crack, and the cracks will result in perforation.

slag pots
ways to improve:Slag Tank Ferroalloy SmeltingSlag Tank Ferroalloy SmeltingSlag Tank Ferroalloy SmeltingSlag Tank Ferroalloy Smelting
1. Thicken the inside wall in the rear of slag pot, to balance the center of gravity after slag pot is lifted.
2. The improvement parts: cancel the upper stiffened edge of slag pot; the thicknesses at the bottom, middle and upper part of slag pot are even; the expansion joints are reserved at the bottom stiffened edge of the slag pot; add stiffener at the bottom of slag pot.
3. Change the structure of the tapping iron car, from a combination of a lined iron ladle with three slag pots into two lined iron ladle with two slag pots, which can effectively prevent molten iron to overflow into slag pots, resulting in local high-temperature damage on slag pots.

Cast Steel Slag Basin/slag Pot

EB casting is a professional steel casting manufacturer and has exported slag pots to many countries and areas Australia, USA, Korea,South Africa, etc.
EB casting use advanced international steel casting process and software system, so that slag pot can be made within nearly 45 days, and has high quality:
1. Longer service life, 6000 usage times
The slag pots in the market can be used 450-600 times generally, while EB casting slag pot can ensure 6000 times of usage frequency.
2. Advanced Level-2 Flaw Detection Standard
we uses advanced detection equipment to perform nondestructive testing on each slag pot, to ensure the internal quality of slag pot. The key parts can reach level-2 testing standards of GB7233-2007, or can customize the process according to the customer’s specific testing standards.

Slag Tank Ferroalloy Smelting

EB casting is experienced and specialized in supplying custom service for various types of slag pot according to customers’ drawings.
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