Slag Tank

Slag Tank/ Slag Pot industry; metallurgy, chemical industry

Slag Tank Slag Pot

The slag tank is an important equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry. It is a container used to contain high-temperature molten slag generated in the steel smelting process. It has a bowl-shaped container with lifting trunnions on both sides.

The slag tank is mainly used to carry converter steel slag, refining furnace steel slag, and large ladle casting residue of continuous casting.

Slag Pot Slag Tank

Design attention:
Thicken the wall thickness of the slag tank inside the rear of the slag tank, so that the center of gravity can be balanced after the slag tank is lifted.
The improvement part is the removal of the upper reinforced side of the slag tank, the bottom and middle and upper parts of the slag tank are evenly thin, the bottom reinforced side is reserved for expansion joints, and the bottom is increased with strong ribs
The structure of the tapping cart is changed from the original combination of three slag tanks with a lined molten iron ladle to two lined molten iron ladles and two slag tanks, which can effectively prevent molten iron from flowing into the slag tank. , Causing local high temperature damage to the slag tank.

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