Rotary drillsmaintenance method

  1. Rotary drills must be replaced and maintained before the completion of the installation and commissioning of the commissioning machine to ensure that the hydraulic system and components of the rotary drills run smoothly, and to protect their own hydraulic systems. Any impurities will cause damage and loss to the hydraulic system, which will cause failure and shorten the service life.
  2. The newly installe rotary drills  has a running-in period. Within a week after starting the operation, the first change of gear oil is half a day to a day, and then every 3 days, which is equivalent to changing the gear oil 3 times during the running-in period of a week. After the break-in period, regular maintenance is performed according to the operating hours. The gear oil is changed once in about 200 working hours. This cycle can be increased or decreased appropriately according to the strength of the piling.The iron suction is cleaned up every time the oil is changed.Rotary drills
  3. Iron suction stone is mainly used for filtering in the box. During the operation of the rotary drills, iron powder is generated during the running-in. The magnetic absorption of the magnetite is used to maintain the cleanliness of the oil, thereby reducing wear during operation. Therefore, it is also very important to clean the magnetite regularly. About 100 working hours Clean once, the actual cycle depends on the strength of the piling.
  4. Before working every day, use 10 to 15 minutes to warm up the car. After a long period of parking, the engine oil flows back into the lower oil pan. After the rotary drills is started, the upper part is lacking lubrication. About 30 seconds after starting, the oil will be sent to the piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and other parts that need to be lubricated due to the operation of the oil pump to reduce the loss of each part. At the same time, you can check the tightness of the screws in each part of the rotary drills while warming up, or It is buttered to ensure lubrication.
  5. piling should be able to understand Rou Kegang, the harder the more difficult to bear the patience, dredging the pile into place, do not just seek fast, you must know that at the same time, the wear and tear are also increased.
  6. In pile foundation engineering, after driving the pile hole into place, open the dental plate for 5 seconds, which can reduce the wear of the dental plate, connecting rod, pin and pin eye; loosen the rotary excavation when the pile is in place When the pedal switch is turned on, the rotary drill has aftershocks due to inertia. In the clamped state, there is no gap in the connection of the various components, so the wear is relatively reduced. The loosening timing is after the rotary drill stops shaking.
  7. The design of the hydraulic motor for rotary drilling and drilling is to facilitate pile driving and piling. When the pile is driven into the ground and the pile is twisted due to resistance or hard objects, it is strictly prohibited to force the motor to correct the pile position. Or under the simultaneous action of torque and vibrating machine, its load is beyond the capacity of the motor itself, and the metal fatigue of the motor itself will cause damage for a long time.
  8. In the same way, when the rotary drill is over the rotation direction, the reverse operation will also cause the motor to be overstressed and cause damage to the motor and its related parts. Therefore, the interval between the back and forth operation of the motor should be at least 1-2 seconds. In order to avoid the load of the motor and connecting parts caused by the positive and negative torque, and shorten the service life.
  9. The operator must always pay attention to the abnormal conditions of the equipment while working, such as any abnormal vibration of the oil pipe, abnormal high temperature or sound of the equipment. Once it is detected, it needs to stop immediately to investigate the problem. Small attention can often be avoided. Failure and damage of equipment.
  10. Minor problems and inattentions are often the crux of the big problem. So understanding the rotary drilling equipment and using the equipment not only reduces equipment loss and damage, but also reduces maintenance costs, and avoids delays in construction. The resulting disputes and incidents.


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