A Brief Introduction to Radiant Tubes

A radiant tube is a tubes extending in a straight line from the center to all directions.
Refers to non-central pipelines (or dry pipes), whose function is to transport the materials of the dry pipes to designated or non-designated addresses. Radiant tube furnace adopts the most advanced intelligent one-key control, combustion and heat preservation technology to ensure the best thermal efficiency and the lowest natural gas consumption. After production verification, the performance fully meets or even exceeds the performance of some imported gas furnaces, and at the same time, the safety and reliability are fully considered, so that customers have no worries

Radiant Tubes
Radiant Tubes Use:
(1) Heat treatment with protective atmosphere.
(2) Temperature distribution in the furnace is required to be quite uniform and the heating and cooling temperature can be given to the furnace at will.
(3) Separate the material from the combustion gas water for heating, and the occasions where there are many air changes, which are beneficial to radiant heating.
(4) It is used for heating liquid and as a heat source for salt melting furnace.
(5) The occasions requiring low operating cost, high efficiency and low noise.
(6) When heating slender components and requiring a small number of burners, such as roller furnaces, small pusher furnaces, etc.

Radiant Tubes
Characteristics of Radiant Tubes
Nowadays, after continuous research by professionals, there are more and more types of radiant tubes. There are various shapes, such as U-shaped, W-shaped, P-shaped, and so on. There are many types, but they are all different. There are advantages of each.
Installation, testing, and maintenance are convenient, all of which are carried out outside the furnace. No need to stop the furnace or cool down the furnace temperature for maintenance and replacement of electric heating devices. Under normal production conditions, replacement only takes about 10 minutes, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves productivity.
Compact structure, stable performance, high single power, and service life several times that of ordinary electric heating tubes.

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