In February 2019, the Dutch customer sent us an inquiry about magnesium bar and zinc bar via whatsapp. This is the first time the customer placed an order. He put forward detailed requirements on the surface quality and chamering, as follows:

These bars are high purity (99.9%) magnesium and zinc bars.We use the existing bar, in strict accordance with customer requirements for the size and purity of processing and production.Although we made some mistakes in the process of processing the zinc bar, we solved the problem quickly and completed the production on time after the customer’s understanding.

Bar material: 99.9% pure magnesium, pure zinc.The chemical composition is as follows:

Composition (%)MgComposition (%)Zn

Strict quality control during the inspection, our professional inspection personnel to the product size and quality piece by piece inspection and measurement.The final inspection is qualified and the delivery is arranged after confirming the customer’s delivery address is correct.

Magnesium Rod:

Zinc Bar:

The customer was very satisfied after receiving the round stick, and left a message of appreciation on WhatsApp:

The bar is good this time!

We will also continue to fuel, do the best, the best quality casting and forging products.

In addition, the customer is still asking the price of another flagship product, we are also actively following up the project, I believe that a deal will bring more cooperation!




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