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On May 22, 2020, South Africa customers placed a large order for us, 1,000 mist sprayers + 150,000 protective masks and Protection Face Shield .

During this special period, for those who are about to resume or have resumed work, protective masks and Protection Face Shield are very necessary, because protecting their own safety is very important.

The factory of the old South Africa has been resumed, so in order to protect the safety of its employees, the mist mist machine is needed to disinfect the factory and the outside of the factory. In this way, the safety of all personnel can be more protected, prompting rapid recovery and rapid production.

Do you know the characteristics of the fog machine (Mist machine) and protective mask [Protection Face Shield] ?

Protection Face Shield fog machine Mist machine protective mask Face Shield

Features of Protection Face Shield:

High transparency, high gloss, good barrier properties, safety and health, environmental protection and regeneration, high strength, excellent wear resistance.

Product NameProfessional Anti-Fog  Protective Protector Face Shield with Transparent Full Visor
MaterialPET+sponge+elastic band
PET Size320*220*0.25mm
Sponge Size250*30*25mm
ApplicationUsed in laboratories,chemical plants, domestic and public places, etc.
Lead Time1 day

Our Advantages

  1. We are a manufacturer, we can provide good quality and cheaper products.
  2. We have CE, FDA, intertek and quality certificates. No problem with export.
  3. Use vacuum packaging to reduce the packing volume, freight will be greatly reduced.
  4. Our daily output is large, we can produce 200,000pcs face shields per day.

Mist machine features:

 Portable Thermal Fogger mist fogging machine sprayer disinfection

  1. The most advanced use of pulse-jet design and manufacture of new principles spraying, fertilizing, insect sterilization machine smoke machine.
  2. The whole machine without a rotating parts, no mechanical wear under any circumstances, and durable. The machine can be made of aerosolized drugs and fertilizer, with excellent penetration and diffuse, good adhesion, resistance to rain erosion and strong, easy to operate, greatly reducing drug consumption, high efficiency, brake insect sterilization Good, environmental protection and other outstanding features.

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