XP-30 Overhead Rotary Drilling Rig,Anchoring Drill Rig Machine

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  • XP-30 Overhead Rotary Drilling Rig
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    XP-30 Overhead Rotary Drilling Rig,Anchoring Drill Rig Machine

    Product Description:

    XP-30 series overhead rotary drilling rig is a dual-purpose drilling rig suitable for high pressure rotary spraying and anchoring construction.
    Main Feature:
    1. The rig has good adaptability, and can be equipped with different modules and drilling tools for the rig. The user can configure the rig into the one with the best performance-price ratio according to the actual needs of the footprint for the construction.
    2. During the construction of some soft soil layers, the drilling rig can directly use the rotary jet drill to form holes, that is, the drilling and rotary jet can be completed at one time; when the rotary jet is lifted, the rotary jet depth is not higher than the effective height of the auxiliary tower (16.5 m), without disassembling the drill pipe, it can be spun into a pile at one time (drilling machine should be equipped during the construction of complex strata).
    3. The rig adopts full hydraulic technology: rig displacement and steering, power head speed change, drilling tool lifting and rig lifting. All of them adopt full hydraulic control, which is convenient and flexible to operate, and saves time and labor.
    4. The mobile frame adopts special technology, so that the sleeper does not need sleepers during the displacement process, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces the construction cost, and improves the operating efficiency.
    5. The rig adopts a double hoist and applies electric control, which greatly reduces labor and improves production efficiency.
    Scope of Application:
    1, XP-30 series rotary jet rig, through the combination of different modules, can be suitable for fixed spray, swing spray, rotary spray and other construction processes; single, dual, triple rotary spray and other construction requirements.
    2. It can be used for the reinforcement of various soft foundations, the anti-seepage treatment of the basement of high-rise buildings, the renovation of rivers and dams of the Dajiang River, and the reinforcement of railway pier piers.
    Technical Parameters: 

    ParameterXP-30AXP-30B (Enhanced)
    Pile Diameter (mm)Single:400-800, Double:600-1200, Triple:800-1600
    Hole Depth (m)30-5050
    Drilling Angle (°)0-900-90
    Output Torque (N • m)30003500
    Output Speed (r / min)0~20(Stepless Adjustable)0~40(Stepless Adjustable)
    Lifting Force of Power Head (kN)6060
    Power Head Pressure (kN)3030
    Power Head Normal Drilling Lifting Speed (m / min)1.6~2.6(Stepped)1.6~2.6(Stepped)
    Lifting Speed During Power Head Rotary Spraying Process (m / min)0~5000~500
    Power Head Pressurizing Speed (m / min)3.2~5.23.2~5.2
    Power Head Stroke (mm)33003300
    Motor Power (kW)18.5+4+1.530+7.5+1.5
    Shape (L × W × H mm)Construction Status5250×3200×192005250×3200×19200
    Transport Status6410×2250×29506410×2250×2950
    Weight (kg)About 8400About 8500

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    XP-30 Overhead Rotary Drilling Rig

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