XP-20C Rotary and Anchoring Drill Rig Machine

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  • XP-20C Rotary and Anchoring Drill Rig Machine
  • Power Type:XP-20C Rotary and Anchoring Drill Rig Machine
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    XP-20C Rotary and Anchoring Drill Rig Machine

    Product Description:

    XP-20C rotary jet drill rig is a dual-purpose drill rig (power head dual motor enhanced type) suitable for high pressure rotary jetting

    and anchoring engineering construction technology developed according to market needs. It is mainly suitable for the reinforcement of

    soft foundations, the anti-seepage treatment of the basement of high-rise buildings, the renovation of rivers and dams of the Dajiang River,

    and the reinforcement of railway pier piers.
    Main Features:
    1. Suitable for wide stratum. Different performance configurations can be made according to different formations.

    The maximum output torque can reach 3200N · m and the maximum pull-out force can reach 42KN.

    Hole formation can be selected from cemented carbide drill rotary drilling, down-the-hole hammer impact rotary drilling

    , roller cone drill Drilling and other process methods make it possible to use the rig to directly drill holes in most formations,

    and then immediately spin-jet the piles.
    2, suitable for a wide range of processes. In addition to meeting the spin-jet process. It can also be used in the construction of anchoring technology.
    3. There are many configuration parts. Users can choose different performance modules according to different project development needs,

    which can be purchased at one time, or reconfigured according to the continuous development of the project. Such as single

    , double and triple modules; swing spray, fixed spray module; anchoring module.
    4. Easy operation and maintenance. Due to the use of full hydraulic technology, breakthroughs have been made in key technologies,

    such as the addition of stepless speed regulation modules during rotary jet hoisting and anchor drilling, making it easier to operate during work.
    5, complete drilling equipment. According to market needs, we have developed a large number of rotary jet drilling tools to meet the various needs of users,

    such as single-, double-, triple-, fixed-jet, pendulum-jet drilling tools.
    6, automatic tube structure. Both the rig and the pipe can travel automatically, saving labor. And equipped with four hydraulic legs, easy to operate,

    safe and reliable.
    Technical Parameters: 

    Rotated JetRotary Spray Pile Diameter (mm)Single:400~600,Double:600~1200,Triple:800~1600
    Drilling Depth (m)20~50
    AnchoringDrill Pipe Diameter / Casing Diameter (mm)φ50,φ60,φ73,φ89
    Drilling Depth (m)30~60
    Basic ParametersDrilling Angle (°)0~90
    Rotator Output Speed (r / min)0~20(Stepless Adjustable),12,25,32,45,65,95
    Gyroscope Output Torque (N · m)3200
    Gyro Travel (mm)1800(Effective Length of Drill Pipe1500)
    Lifting Force of Gyrator (KN)42
    Rotator Lifting Speed (m / min)0~1.6(Stepless Adjustable),9.4
    Gyratory Pressure (KN)26
    Rotary Pressurizing Speed (m / min)2.7,15.3
    Way of WalkingAutomatic Tube Type
    Walking Speed (m / min)18
    Input Power (Motor) (KW)22+1.5+0.15
    Transport Status (L x W x H) (mm)3210×1750×1850
    Working State (L × W × H) (mm)3210×1750×3630
    Weight (KG)1900

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    XP-20C Rotary and Anchoring Drill Rig Machine

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