Wear Resistant Liner Manufacturer

  • Brand: EB
  • Name:Wear Resistant Liner
  • Use:Coal Mining
  • hardness:>600BHN


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    Wear Resistant Liner

    Our foundry has complete melting, heat treatment and test equipments, such as mid-frequency induction electrical furnaces, quenching and tempering furnaces, blast shot, spectrometer, Rockwell and Brinell Hardnesstester,impactor, UT tester and metallographic microscope.

    • 1. The hardness of Ni-hard castings is more than HRC56.
    • 2. Our materials conform to GB/T 8263-1999, AS 2027/Ni-Cr1-550, AS 2027/Ni-Cr2-500, AS 2027/Ni-Cr4-500, AS 2027/Ni-Cr4-600, AS 2027/Ni-Cr4-630, ASTM A 532 1-A, B, C, D, ASTM A 532 2-A, B, C, D, E, ASTM A 532 3-A.
    • 3. International Standard: AS 2027-2002/Ni hard 4.
    • 4. Microstructure: Eutectic Carbide + Martensite + Residual Austenite
    • 5. Specific weight or density: 7.3~7.5g/mm2
    • 6. Break Point: 25~40kg/mm2.
    Our Photos for Wear Resistant Liner:

    Wear Resistant Liner Wear Resistant Liner Wear Resistant Liner Wear Resistant Liner

    reference standard(ISO)CSiMnPSNiCrEqv.Standards
    HBW480Cr22.5- Ni4Cr2-DT/ EN-GJN-HV520/ AS2027 NiCr2-500/ ASTM A 532 Ni-Cr-Lc
    HBW500Cr92.4-2.81.5-2.20.2- Ni-Cr-Hc AS2027 Ni-Cr1-550 G-X 330 NiCr 4 2
    HBW510Cr230.- Ni4Cr2-GT AS2027 NiCr4-500 ASTM A532 C1-B Ni-Cr-Hc ASTM A532 C1-C Ni-Cr-GB
    HBW555Cr92.5-3.51.5-2.50.3- Cr9Ni5 EN-GJN-HV600 AS2027 NiCr4-600 G-X 300 CrNiSi9 5 2
    HBW630Cr93.2-3.61.5-2.20.2- Cr9Ni5 AS2027 NiCr4-630 ASTM A532 C1-D Ni-HiCr

    The general advantages in Wear Resistant Liners are as follows:
    Output Increased: 5~20%
    Power Consumption Reduced: 5~20%
    Maintenance Decreased: Above 98%
    The additional advantages in cement mills are as follows:
    No leakage of slurry
    No repairs during service periods
    Better reliability and stability
    Production Improvement
    Noise reduction
    The liners are easily installed and existing mills need no modification.

    Our Experience:
    • 13 Year Experience in Heat-resistant Steel Field
    • 18 Year Expertise in Wear-resistant Material Field
    • 20 Year Customer-made High Quality Castings & Forgings

    Trading Terms:

    1. The nearest seaport: Shanghai port
    2. The nearest airport: Shanghai Pudong airport
    3. Payment Terms:L/C,TT,West Union,Paypal
    4. Payment Condition:50% before production, 50% before delivery against complete set of inspection report
    5. Supply Capability:  10,000 tons per year
    6. Sample Availability: yes
    7. Sample Time:15-30 Days
    8. Packing: Plywood Cases or Steel Crates
    9. Delivery time: 45 working days per 20 tons regular castings & forgings
    10. Service: OEM, ODM or Customized

    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    1. 20-year Foundry Operation Experience.
    2. Friendly & High Efficient Technical & Commercial Communication.
    3. Professional Export Practices: Exported to +60 Overseas Countries.