V11-175 Cobalt Alloy Balls Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats

  • Brand: EB
  • V11-175 Cobalt Alloy Balls Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats
  • Material Grade: S20
  • Hardness: more than HRC50
  • Surface Finish: mirror finish


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats

    Stellite 20 Cobalt Based Alloy Valve Balls is made from is a hard alloy that can withstand various types of abrasion and

    corrosion as well as high temperature oxidation.The cobalt-base alloy was invented by American Elwood Hayness in 1907.

    The Stellite alloy has major component of cobalt, containing a considerable amount of nickel, chromium, tungsten and

    a small amount of molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, lanthanum, etc..Occasionally it contains an alloy of iron.

    According to the composition of the alloy, they can be made into wire, powder for hard surface surfacing, thermal spraying,

    spray welding, etc.. It also can be made into cast forging parts and powder metallurgy parts.

    We produce Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls with centrifugal cast process, investment process and resin sand cast process.

    Table 1 : Standard Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats is Below: 
    MaterialCobalt-chromium Alloy –Grade 3 and 20
    ProcessPowder Metallurgy , it is short for PM
    Density8.6-8.8 g/cm ³
    SizeDiameter 11-60 mm
    PropertiesWear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance
    ApplicationOil well pump components ,  wear and corrosion resistance parts
    InstructionsDrawing made upon cutomers request
    UsageOne balls with one valve
    Tolerance controlTurning or grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing
    Production lead timeSamples 10 days , normal order 30 days
    Production capacity40,000pcs one month.
    PackageCarton or wooden case , pallet for export
    Cobalt-chromium Alloy 32.0-2.71129-33311 – 14Bal.3≤0.03≤0.038.5551-55
    Cobalt-chromium Alloy 202.2-3.0230-343114-18Bal.3≤0.05≤0.058.6553-59
    Our Photos for Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats as follows:

    Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats

    API Valve Seat and ball Standard
    No.SpecificationsSeat DimensionsWeightBall DimensionsWeight
    OD/ID×H (in)(g/pc)(g/pc)
    Stellite 20 Cobalt Alloy Valve Balls and Valve Seats Special Features:

    1.Valve Balls Good surface finish;

    2.We use Precision Cast Process to produce the Co alloy parts;

    3.We do heat treatment to achieve better wear performance.

    Our Experience 
    • 13 Year Experience in Heat-resistant Steel Field
    • 18 Year Expertise in Wear-resistant Material Field
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    Trading Terms:
    1. The nearest seaport is Shanghai port
    2. The nearest airport is Shanghai Pudong airport
    3. Payment Terms are L/C,TT,West Union,Paypal
    4. Payment Condition is 50% before production, 50% before delivery against complete set of inspection report
    5. Supply Capability is 10,000 tons per year
    6. Sample Availability is yes
    7. Sample Time is 15-30 Days
    8. Packing is Plywood Cases or Steel Crates
    9. Delivery time is about 45 working days per 20 tons regular castings & forgings
    10. Service is OEM, ODM or Customized

    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

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