SL200S Multifunction Water Well Drilling Rig

  • Brand: EB
  • SL200S Multifunction Water Well Drilling Rig
  • Power Type:SL200S Multifunction Water Well Drilling Rig
  • Certification:SL200S Multifunction 


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    SL200S Multifunction Water Well Drilling Rig

    Main Feature:

    1. Full hydraulic control is convenient and flexible
      The rig’s speed, torque, thrust axial pressure, reverse axial pressure, thrust speed, and lifting speed can be adjusted at any time to meet the requirements of different drilling tools and different construction processes

    2.Top-drive slewing propulsion lifting
    It is easy to connect and disconnect the drill pipe, shorten the auxiliary time, and also facilitate drilling with the pipe.

    3.Multifunctional drilling

    Various drilling processes can be used on this rig, such as: down-the-hole drilling, through-air reverse circulation drilling, gas lift reverse circulation drilling, cutting drilling, roller drilling, tube drilling, and Core drilling under development and more. The drilling rig can be equipped with mud pumps, foam pumps and generators according to user needs. The rig is also equipped with various hoists as standard.

    4.High efficiency

    Due to the full hydraulic and top-drive slewing propulsion lifting, it is suitable for various drilling processes and various drilling tools, with convenient and flexible control, fast drilling speed and short auxiliary time, so the operation efficiency is high.

    5.Low cost

    DTH drilling is mainly based on DTH drilling technology. DTH rock drilling has high efficiency and lower cost per meter.
    6.High outrigger tracked

    The high outriggers are convenient for loading and transportation, and can be loaded directly without crane. Tracked walking is more suitable for muddy field movement.

    7.Positive and negative axial pressure adjustment

    The optimal impact efficiency of each impactor has its matching optimal shaft pressure and speed. During the drilling process, as the number of drill pipes increases, the axial pressure on the impactor also increases. Therefore, the positive and negative axial pressure valves are adjusted during construction to ensure that the impactor can obtain a more suitable axial pressure. At this time, the impact efficiency is higher.
    8.The role of the oil mister

    Patented oil mister and oil mist pump. During the drilling process, the high-speed impactor is lubricated at all times to prolong its life.
    9.Rig chassis

    It can be a tracked self-propelled chassis or a vehicle-mounted self-propelled chassis.

    Technical Parameters: 

    Max Drilling Depth260m
    Drilliing Diameter105~305mm
    Air Pressure1.25-3.5Mpa
    Air Consumption16-55 m3/min
    Rod Length3m
    Rod Diameter89m
    Main Shaft Pressure4 T
    Lifting Force16T
    Fast Lifting Speed20 m/min
    Fast Fonwarding Speed40 m/min
    Rotary Torque4900/2450 Nm
    Rotary Speed85/170 r/min
    Big Secondary Winch Lifting Force
    Small Secondary Winch Lifting Force1.5T
    High Leg Stroke1.35 m
    Drilling Efficiency10-35 m/h
    Moving Speed2.5 Km/h
    Uphill Angle21°
    Weight of the Rig8T
    Dimension4m×1.35m×2.15 m
    Working ConditionLoose Layer and Bedrock
    Drilling MethodTop Drive Hydraulic Slewing and Propulsion, Dth or Mud Drilling
    Suitable HammerMedium and High Wind Pressure Series
    Optional AccessoriesMud Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Generator, Foam Pump

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    SL200S Multifunction Water Well Drilling Rig

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