High Chromium Balls For Grinding Industry

  • Brand: EB
  • High Chromium Balls For Grinding Industry
  • Hardness: 54 – 65 HRC
  • Min Order: 1 Tons
  • Service: Provide customized services


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    High Chromium Balls For Grinding Industry

    High Chromium Balls possess a combination of superior abrasion resistance and a reasonable degree of toughness.
    The High Chromium Balls have longer service life than the other material, such as high Mn steel and Cr-Mo alloy steel. And now it is widely used in the working condition of high wear and low impact, such as dry grinding process, coal mills, cement mills due to its excellent performance.
    • Product: High Chromium Balls For Grinding Industry
    • Material: high chrome, High Cr Cast Iron, Low Cr Cast Iron, etc.
    • Hardness: 54 – 65 HRC
    • Min Order: 0.5 Tons
    • Diameter tolerance: +/- 1mm
    • Process: powder metallurgy
    • Dimensions: 150, 140, 125, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15
    • Application: Mining, Grinding
    • Specification and material: As per customer’s requirements
    • Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, Material Certificates, SGS Certificate.
    • Quality Level: As per National Standard & International Standards.
    • Service: Provide customized services
    • Quality Control: Professional Inspection, spectrometer
    • Supply Ability: 40000 Tons/ per Year
    • Delivery Time: Depending on the quantity, usually 5 – 25 days after the order is confirmed.
    • Payment method: wire transfer, etc.
    • Packaging Details: flexible container bags or steel druns
    • 20 feet container: 25 tons (Max.)
    • Port: Ship from Shanghai Port to the customer’s designated location.
    Photos for High Chromium Balls:

    High Chromium Balls High Chromium Balls High Chromium Balls High Chromium Balls

    High Chromium Balls for Specification available:

    Cast Balls Diameter (mm): φ150, φ140, φ125, φ110, φ100, φ90, φ80, φ70, φ60, φ50, φ40, φ30, φ20, φ17, φ15
    Cast Cylpebs Diameter (mm): φ35×40, φ30×35, φ25×30, φ20×25, φ18×18, φ16×16, φ15×20, φ14×14, φ12×16,φ12×12, φ10×12, φ10×10, φ8×8

    High Chromium Balls General Mechanical Property:
    MaterialsHardnessImpact valueWear in Cement Mills(g/mt)Application Field
    High Cr Cast Iron≥HRc60≥4J25-60The dry-grinding process in cement works, power plants andwet-grinding process in mine;
    Low Cr Cast Iron≥HRc46≥3J≤130The dry-grinding process in cement works,power plants andwet-grinding process in mines
    Composition(%)CSiMnCrPSHardness(HRC)Wear Rate in Gold Mine
    Low Cr Cast Balls2.0~3.00.5~1.5≤0.501.5~2.5≤0.07≤0.0746~55About 1000g/MT
    Mid Cr Cast Balls2.0~3.5≤1.00.3~1.24.0~6.0≤1.0≤1.0≥50About 870g/MT
    Cr12 Cast Balls2.0~3.0≤1.20.7~2.010~12≤0.06≤0.06≥55≤870g/MT
    Cr15 Cast Balls2.0~3.0≤1.20.7~2.014~16≤0.06≤0.06≥58
    Cr20 Cast Balls2.0~3.5≤1.00.5~1.517~23≤0.06≤0.06≥60≤760g/MT

    Packaged by flexible container bags weighing about 1000kg or in iron drums weighing about 850kg.
    In addition to all kinds of castings and forgings, we have annual production of grinding media of 30,000 metric tons, mainly with high Cr, middle Cr and low Cr alloy materials widely used in cement mills, mine mills and coal mills.
    We focus on the research and development of the advanced wear-resistant materials and highly efficient production techniques.


    Q: Can you produce according to the samples?
    A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

    Q: What is the Warranty for our products ?
    A: If any quality problems on our side occurred in this period , we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.

    Q: How to give inquiry?
    A: Step 1, please tell us what weight ,dimension, material do you need please.
    Step 2, Better help to provide the drawing with above-mentioned details please.
    Step 3, when we have enough details, we may quote accordingly.

    Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
    A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

    Q: Do you support drop shipping?
    A: Yes, your drop shipping is aviable.

    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090