Stellite3 Cobalt Alloy Heat-Resistant Parts

  • Brand: EB
  • Stellite3 Cobalt Alloy Heat-Resistant Parts


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    Stellite3 Cobalt Alloy Heat-Resistant Parts

    • Cobalt Base Heat Resistant Alloy Steel
    • High-temperature Alloy
    • Production Process: investment casting,forging
    • Size tolerance: CT5-13
    • Hardness: more than HRC40
    • Machining is available.

    Cobalt Base Heat Resistant Alloy are high Cobalt Nickel alloy.High Temperature Superalloy Castings Parts can
    be produced with investment process,centrifugal cast process and resin sand cast process.
    We melt good quality Cobalt Base Heat-Resistant Parts Alloy Castings with Vacuum Furnaces and Induction Furnaces.
    We can cast and machine the hard Cobalt Base Heat Resistant Alloy Castings as per the drawings.
    We would like to help select suitable Co-based Alloy Grade as per your specific working condition.
    Cobalt Base Heat Resistant parts Alloy has been in use for producing various components such as vanes or combustion chambers.
    The material can be implemented as wrought or as precision-cast parts or as centrifugal cast parts. The design of cobalt superalloys
    is aimed at an enhancement of both their oxidation resistance and their hot corrosion resistance and wear resistancec.
    It has received considerable impetus recently, especially since the advent of overlay coating techniques and
    the extensive studies which have been undertaken to elucidate the hot corrosion mechanisms and the effect of alloying elements.

    Our Photos for Stellite3 Cobalt alloy heat-resistant parts :

    Stellite3 Cobalt Alloy Heat-Resistant Parts

    Table 1 : Stellite3 Cobalt Alloy Heat-Resistant Parts 
    STELLITE 1BAL332.45132.5*12.5*1
    STELLITE 3BAL312.5132.5*12.5*1
    STELLITE 4BAL31.51142.0*12.0*1
    STELLITE 6BAL281.253.0*12.5*1
    STELLITE 12BAL291.8592.5*12.5*1
    STELLITE 20BAL332.4517.52.5*12.5*1
    STELLITE 21BAL270.255.52.5*13.0*1
    STELLITE 31BAL260.57.510.512.0*1
    STELLITE 190BAL263.3141.018.00.5
    STELLITE 238BAL260.13120.01
    STELLITE 306BAL250.426.014.0*1Nb=5
    STELLITE 694BAL281195.012.5*1V=1
    STELLITE FBAL25.51.7512.2522.511.5*
    STELLITE SF1BAL191.3131332.53*0.5Cu=0.5
    STELLITE SF6BAL190.77132.51.73*0.5Cu=0.5
    STELLITE SF12BAL191913323*0.5Cu=0.5
    STELLITE SF20BAL191.51513332*0.5Cu=0.5
    TRIBALOY T400BAL80.1*283*2.43*
    TRIBALOY T800BAL170.1*283*3.23*
    DELORO 150.06*BAL2.01.051.5*20Cu=20
    DELORO 220.700.10BAL2.31.75
    DELORO 407.0