HBW630Cr9 Investment Casting Ni-Hard Cast White Iron

  • Brand: EB
  • Material Grade: AS2027 Ni-hard4-600
  • Production Process: Investment process
  • Hardness: ≥ HRC56
  • Surface Finish: Appro.Ra12.5
  • Size Tolerance: as per CT5-12


ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

HBW630Cr9 Investment Casting Ni-Hard Cast White Iron

  • Material Group: NiCr White Iron ASTM A532 Class I Type C, AS2027 NiCr4-600
  • Heat treatment Process: quenching & tempering treatment to achieve higher hardness and ideal impact value.
  • Hardness:≥HB600
  • Microstructure: Fine Martensitic + Carbonate + Retained Austenitic less than 5%
  • Application: Mixer Blade

HBW630Cr9 Investment Casting Our Capability:

We can cast and heat treat the hard Ni-hard White Iron alloy castings as per the drawings.

We’d like to help select suitable material grade for your wear plates as per your specific working condition.

Chemistry Standard for HBW630Cr9 Investment Casting

ISO 21988/JN/HBWCSiMnPSNiCrEqv.Standards
HBW480Cr24802.5- Ni4Cr2-DT EN-GJN-HV520 AS2027 NiCr2-500 ASTM A 532 Ni-Cr-Lc
HBW500Cr95002.4-2.81.5-2.20.2- Ni-Cr-Hc AS2027 Ni-Cr1-550 G-X 330 NiCr 4 2
HBW510Cr251030.- Ni4Cr2-GT AS2027 NiCr4-500 ASTM A532 C1-B Ni-Cr-Hc ASTM A532 C1-C Ni-Cr-GB
HBW555Cr95552.5-3.51.5-2.50.3- Cr9Ni5 EN-GJN-HV600 AS2027 NiCr4-600 G-X 300 CrNiSi9 5 2
HBW630Cr96303.2-3.61.5-2.20.2- Cr9Ni5 AS2027 NiCr4-630 ASTM A532 C1-D Ni-HiCr

Our Photos for HBW630Cr9 Investment Casting:

HBW630Cr9 Investment Casting

Our Experience:

  • 13 Year Experience in Heat-resistant Steel Field
  • 18 Year Expertise in Wear-resistant Material Field
  • 20 Year Customer-made High Quality Castings & Forgings

Trading Terms:

  1. The nearest seaport: Shanghai port
  2. The nearest airport: Shanghai Pudong airport
  3. Payment Terms:L/C,TT,West Union,Paypal
  4. Payment Condition:50% before production, 50% before delivery against complete set of inspection report
  5. Supply Capability:  10,000 tons per year
  6. Sample Availability: yes
  7. Sample Time:15-30 Days
  8. Packing: Plywood Cases or Steel Crates
  9. Delivery time: 45 working days per 20 tons regular castings & forgings
  10. Service: OEM, ODM or Customized

ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

1. 20-year Foundry Operation Experience.
2. Friendly & High Efficient Technical & Commercial Communication.
3. Professional Export Practices: Exported to +60 Overseas Countries.

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