MDL-200D Crawler Deep Foundation Pit Anchoring Drilling Rig

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  • MDL-200D Crawler Deep Foundation Pit Anchoring Drilling Rig
  • Power Type:MDL-200D Crawler Deep Foundation Pit Anchoring Drilling Rig
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    MDL-200D Crawler Deep Foundation Pit Anchoring Drilling Rig

    Product Description:

    MDL-200D crawler deep foundation pit anchoring rig is an efficient drilling rig developed for anchoring,

    rotary jetting and precipitation based on subways, high-rise buildings, airports, ground source heat pumps and other deep foundation pits.
    Main Feature:
    1. Suitable for the following process construction
    1.1 Anchorage can be applied to drill pipe drilling, casing drilling, and compound drilling of drill pipe casing.
    1.2 Rotary spraying can be suitable for single, double, triple rotary spraying, and other processes. By configuring different modules for single,

    double, triple rotary spraying, fixed spraying and swing spraying.
    2. The torque and speed can be reasonably arranged according to actual needs. The stroke of the propulsion rack is 3.4 meters,

    and compound drilling of 3 meters of drill pipe and casing can be performed. The corresponding torque gyrator can be configured according to different strata, which improves the rig’s performance. Adaptability.
    3. Equipped with crawler chassis, high-level rotating platform, large-diameter outrigger cylinder, 0.9-meter slide frame,

    and orifice support device, which makes the drilling rig extremely easy to move and locate, and it is stable and reliable when drilling.
    4. Equipped with a clamping shackle, which makes the labor intensity of loading and unloading drill pipes and casings low and efficient.
    5. The corresponding drilling tools have been developed for the following construction processes:
    5.1 Three-wing drill bit drilling, mud slag discharge, suitable for high-speed drilling of soil and sand layers.
    5.2 Air DTH hammer drilling, air slagging. Applicable to the construction of rock layers and broken layers.
    5.3 The bottom of the hole is drilled by hydraulic hammer, and the mud is discharged. It is suitable for the construction

    of stratums with large water content such as broken layers and sand layers.
    5.4 Casing drilling.
    5.5 drill pipe and casing compound drilling.
    Scope of Application:
    Foundation pit precipitation mini-filled piles, geothermal hole (water well) construction, survey,

    static sounding (5T static sounding), dynamic sounding and other projects.
    Technical Parameters: 

    Drilling Diameter (mm)Φ150~Φ250
    Drilling Depth (m)180-220
    Drill Rod Diameter (mm)Φ73 or Φ89
    Drill Rod Inclination (°)0-90
    Rotator Output Speed (r / min)40/45/80/85/90/170
    Gyroscope Output Torque (N.m)10000
    Gyro Travel (mm)3400
    Thrust Stroke (mm)900
    Lifting Force of Gyrator (KN)78
    Lifting Speed of Gyrator (m / min)0~1.4Adjustable/16/18
    Gyratory Pressure (KN)40
    Rotary Pressurizing Speed (m / min)0~2.8Adjustable/32/35
    Input Power (KW)55+30+2.2
    Weight (kg)9200
    Appearance in Transportation State (L × W × H mm)6350×2100×2250

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    MDL-200D Crawler Deep Foundation Pit Anchoring Drilling Rig

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