EN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover,Cast Iron Manhole Cover with Frame for Sale

  • Brand: EB
  • Name: EN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover
  • Material:Ductile iron
  • Surface Treatment: Painting
  • Feature: Easy to install noise reduction

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    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    EN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover

    Introduction:EN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover

    DescriptionEN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover,Cast Iron Manhole Cover with Frame for Sale,Concrete Ductile Iron Manhole Cover
    TypeSquare, round, channel grate
    ApplicationUrban drainage system,Municipal Engineering
    ProcessingGreen sand casting, resin sand casting
    Material Ductile iron EN124
    Weight Ranges4-210kg
    TolernaceControlled by ISO8062 CT11-14
    Design SupportUG, SolidWorks, AutoCad, PDF
    Quality ControlMaterial, Dimension,Performance,inside defects,load test
    StandardEN124 standards

    Performance:EN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover

    Eternal SizeCover DiameterClear OpeningDepthWeightLoading Capacity


    190x190mm150x150mm25mm6.5kgEN124 A15
    300x300mm280x280mm245x245mm25mm6.5kgEN124 A15


    250x250mm190x190mm50mm7kgEN124 A15


    380x380mm340x340mm25mm12.5kgEN124 A15
    400x400mm310x310mm245x245mm60mm12kgEN124 A125


    340x340mm300x300mm30mm9kgEN124 B125


    340x340mm300x300mm354mm12kgEN124 C250
    490x490mm420x420mm385x385mm33mm14.5kgEN124 B125


    420x420mm385x385mm40mm17.5kgEN124 C250
    500x500mm440x440mm400x400mm35mm15kgEN124 B125


    540x540mm500x500mm45mm29kgEN124 C250
    500x500mm390x390mm330x330mm60mm18.5kgEN124 A15


    520x520mm485x485mm45mm26kgEN124 C250
    600x600mm495x495mm430x430mm60mm23.5mmEN124 A15


    640x640mm600x600mm48mm41kgEN124 C250
    700x700mm640x640mm600x600mm100mm61kgEN124 C250
    895x895mm830x830mm790x790mm75mm98kgEN124 C250

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    EN124 Class D400 Manhole Cover

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