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    Crusher Hammers

    • [Common aliases]: high chromium hammer, high chromium composite alloy hammer, double liquid bimetal composite hammer, high manganese steel hammer, super high manganese steel hammer, composite hammer, ring hammer, tooth hammer, wear-resistant Hammers, crusher hammers, medium chrome hammers, cemented carbide hammers, etc.
    • [Applicable equipment]: Hammer crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher, high-efficiency fine crusher, impact crusher, brick making machine, clinker crusher
    • [Main material]: high chromium cast iron, high chromium alloy, high manganese steel, metamorphic high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, wear resistant alloy steel, bimetal composite, composite material, high chromium material, ultra high chromium cast iron, multiple alloy Steel, high and low chromium cast iron, high quality high manganese steel
    • [Applicable materials]: It is suitable for crushing medium-hard materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials in the industrial sectors of cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, etc.

    Crusher Hammers Structure and characteristics:
    1. The center of gravity of the hammer head of the hammer crusher moves outward in the radius of gyration, and the linear speed of the hammer head increases during operation. The impact energy of the hammer head of the hammer crusher on the material is increased, thereby improving the crushing effect.
    2. The effective wear of the hammer head of the hammer crusher has been increased. The effective wear of the hammer head per unit weight accounts for about one-third. The total weight of the improved structure changes little, and one set of hammers is equivalent to the two sets before the improvement, which reduces the cost of use.
    3. Improve the grinding effect. After the secondary crushing of limestone and other materials, energy consumption and efficiency must be studied. The crushing efficiency is higher than the grinding efficiency and the power consumption is low. The output particle size is 8-10 mm, 60% of the powder, which greatly improves the production effect of the powder machine and reduces the production cost of raw meal.
    4. The insert-casting composite method combines one material (solid phase) and another material (liquid phase) in a mold, and uses the heat of the molten metal to combine the liquid phase material with the matrix when the casting is solidified Craft.

    Our Photos for ASTM Crusher Hammers :

    Crusher Hammers

    Crusher Hammers Technical Parameters :
    Model Rotor diameter length(mm) Inlet size width * length(mm) Feed size(mm Production capacity Motor Power(kw) Theoretical weight(t) Dimensions,Length, width and height(mm)
    PCZ1308 1310×790 850×800 ≤600 100-160 132 11.2 2818×2100×2390
    PCZ1510 1500×900 1000×90 ≤700 160-210 132×2 17.1 3260×2414×2750
    PCZ1512 1500×1160 1200×900 ≤750 250-320 160×2 18.9 3260×2624×2750
    PCZ1615 1650×1452 1500×1200 ≤1000 360-420 200×2 32 3456×2915×3185
    PCZ1620 1660×1900 2000×1200 ≤1200 500-800 400×2 46 3500×3100×3200
    PCZ1820 1800×2000 2000×1200 ≤1200 700-900 450×2 56 3880×3000×3516
    machine type Feed size(mm) Discharge size(mm) Production capacity(m³/h) Motor Power(kw) total weight(t) Dimensions (length × width × height)(mm)
    PCΦ400×300 ≤200 ≤25 5-10 11 0.8 900×670×860
    PCΦ600×400 ≤250 ≤30 10-22 22 2.26 1200×1050×1200
    PCΦ800×600 ≤250 ≤35 18-40 55 4.8 1310×1180×1310
    PCΦ1000×800 ≤350 ≤35 25-50 75 5.9 1600×1390×1575
    PCΦ1000×1000 ≤350 ≤35 30-55 90 8 1800×1590×1775
    PCΦ1250×1250 ≤350 ≤35 35-65 132 14 2060×1600×1890
    PCΦ1400×1400 ≤350 ≤35 50-100 280 32 2365×1870×2220
    PCΦ1600×1600 ≤350 ≤35 100-150 480 37.5 3050×2850×2800

    The technology under modern industry shows that the use of cemented carbide hammers performs well in wear resistance.
    Crusher hammers are divided into casting hammers and forged hammers according to the manufacturing process, but their wear resistance is different.
    The following introduces several common crusher hammer technology:
    [High manganese steel hammer]
    Mn13, Mn13Cr2 and Mn18Cr2 material high manganese steel crusher hammers are suitable for large and medium crusher tooth plates, rolling mortar walls, broken walls and large excavator bucket teeth and other strong impact conditions. It can also be used as liner for ball mill, semi-automatic mill and self-grinding machine. Although high manganese steel hammers will gradually be replaced by chromium molybdenum alloy steel, high chromium cast iron and nickel hard cast iron, the high toughness characteristics of high manganese steel hammers are unmatched by other wear resistant materials.
    [High chromium alloy hammer]
    High chromium composite hammer head, that is, the hammer handle uses high manganese steel, and the hammer head working area uses high chromium alloy. The two are combined, so that the hammer head of the crusher has high hardness, and the hammer handle has high toughness, giving full play to The advantages of the two materials overcome the shortcomings of a single material and meet the performance requirements of the hammer.
    [Forged hammer]
    The hammer head of the forging crusher adopts high-quality train wheel steel (material 65Mn, good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance, and not easy to break). The metal blank is repeatedly forged by forging machinery to deform it to obtain certain mechanical properties. , A certain shape and size, after a special quenching heat treatment method, ensure that the hammer head’s working area has high hardness and high wear resistance.
    [Carbide hammer]
    Compared with other materials, cemented carbide hammers have higher hardness, bending strength and impact, thermal fatigue resistance, good thermal hardness, and low cost. It solves the cracks, desoldering, Problems such as collapse, block loss, etc.
    [Bimetal composite hammer head]
    Bimetal composite hammer head, the hammer end material is high chromium cast iron with 18% chromium content, and the hammer handle material is medium carbon steel. When modeling, the hammer end and the runner in the pouring system are formed using wooden molds and lost foam models, respectively. The hammer handle material is cast first, and then high cast iron liquid is poured on the composite end. During compounding, the sand mold is placed into an induction coil with a frequency of 1400HZ for induction heating, and the lost foam is heated and vaporized during the heating process. When the hammer handle rises to a predetermined temperature (about 800°C), the composite layer of molten metal is poured. The resulting interface is a complete metallurgical bond. The pouring temperature is 1500°C. The structure of the composite part after heat treatment is Cr7C3 eutectic carbide + martensite + a small amount of paralympics, and the matrix is ​​pearlite + ferrite. HRC≥58, ak≥6 J/cm2, the service life of the hammer head is about 5 times that of high manganese steel under the same working conditions.
    At present, the most widely used, reflecting the better wear resistance of crusher hammers are high manganese steel hammers, composite hammers, bimetallic hammers, medium chromium alloy hammers, cemented carbide hammers, etc.
      EB provides spare parts processing services from other manufacturers all the year round. No matter what type of spare parts from which manufacturer, as long as you can provide processing drawings (samples), we can produce them.
    EB welcomes customers to inquire at any time.

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