Casting Pearlitic Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar / Chrome Molybdenum Steel Wear-resistant Plates

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name:EB
  • Material:Cr-Mo alloyed steel
  • Dimensions:Based on drawings
  • Material Grade: AS 2074/L2A, AS2074/L2B, AS2074/L2C, ZG45Cr2Mo, ZG30Cr5Mo.


ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar / Chrome Molybdenum Steel Wear-resistant Plates

Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar/Cr & Mo casting block part in general refers to a kind of casting steel with the chromium content at 4-6%,

the carbon content at 0.8-1.2%.

Its distinctive feature is to adopt multivariate alloy design. It increases carbide content in the medium carbon alloyed steel,

through increasing the Cr & Mo content, the strong carbide forming elements, so as to improve its heat-resisting, wear-resisting performance.

As a result, its high strength, strong toughness and good wear resistance properties represent the relatively high level of metal wear resistant materials.


  • Name:Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar / Chrome Molybdenum Steel Wear-resistant Plates
  • Material Grade:AS 2074/L2A, AS 2074/L2B, AS 2074/L2C, ZG45Cr2Mo
  • Hardness:≥HRC60
  • Heat-treatment:Queching+Tempering
  • Certification:ISO 9001:2018
  • Surface treatment:Shot Blasting
  • Service:OEM ODM
  • Quality promise:GB/AS
  • Techinique:
    Sand casting/Lost foam casting
  • AK(J/CM2):>20
  • Surface Finish: Appro.Ra100
  • Size Tolerance: as per CT13
  • Microstructure: Fine Martensitic + Carbonate + Retained Austenitic less than 5%
  • Application: Chute Liners + Hopper Liners + Wear Plates
  • Cr & Mo casting block part will be compounded with rubber material, and then used in SAG mill.
Chemistry Standard for Lifter Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar:
Standard Specification for Cr-Mo Alloy Steel:
Reference Standard     Nominal Chemical Composition (W%)
AS 2074/L2A0.45-0.55≤0.750.50-1.00≤0.04≤0.040.80-1.20
AS 2074/L2B0.55-0.65≤0.750.50-1.00≤0.04≤0.040.80-1.500.2-0.4
AS 2074/L2C0.70-0.90≤0.750.50-1.20≤0.04≤0.041.30-2.400.2-0.4
Our Photos for AS2074/L2C Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar Wear-resistant Plates:

AS2074/L2C Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting Lifter Bar Wear-resistant Plates


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Trading Terms:
  1. The nearest seaport: Shanghai port
  2. The nearest airport: Shanghai Pudong airport
  3. Payment Terms:L/C,TT,West Union,Paypal
  4. Payment Condition:50% before production, 50% before delivery against complete set of inspection report
  5. Supply Capability:  10,000 tons per year
  6. Sample Availability: yes
  7. Sample Time:15-30 Days
  8. Packing: Plywood Cases or Steel Crates
  9. Delivery time: 45 working days per 20 tons regular castings & forgings
  10. Service: OEM, ODM or Customized

ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

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