Cast Base Trays of Continuous Heat-treatment Furnaces

  • Brand Name: EB
  • Cast Base Trays of Continuous Heat-treatment Furnaces
  • Min Order: 1 Piece
  • Machining Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Specification and material: As per customer’s requirements


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    Cast Base Trays of Continuous Heat-treatment Furnaces

    We design and produce all kind of Continuous Heat-treatment Furnaces Cast Base Trays according to custom drawings and customer’s request, regular products are cast basket, stack basket, cast grid, base tray, fan, impeller, loader beam, skid buttons, walking beam, cast retort, cast post, cast link belt, roller, roller rail, etc…

    • Product: Cast Base Trays
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.
    • Surface: Shot/ Sand blasting
    • Specification and material: As per customer’s requirements
    • Dimensions: Customized Size
    • Type: OEM Die
    • Quality Level: As per National Standard & International Standards.
    • Standard: TBF, AFNOR, AISI, ATSM, UNI, BS, DIN, JIS, GB etc.
    • Certificate: ISO9001, Material Certificates, SGS Certificate.
    • Process: Precision casting, machining, shot blasting, packing
    • Service: Metallurgical Equipment Casting Services
    • Quality Control: Professional Inspection, spectrometer
    • Measurement inspection: 100 % self-inspection.
    • Supply Ability: 2500 Piece/Pieces per Month
    • Delivery time: 7-30 days/ negotiable
    • Payment method: wire transfer,etc.
    • Port: Ship from Shanghai Port to the customer’s designated location.
    • Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case, seaworthy package or as per your special requirements
    Our Photos for Cast Base Trays of Continuous Heat-treatment furnaces:

    Cast Base Trays Cast Base Trays Cast Base Trays Cast Base Trays

    • Specification:
      According to drawings, heat resistance, surface treatment requirement, Various types of 2D or 3D drawings are acceptable, etc.
    • Material:
      We never use high carbon steel and material easy to thermal deformation. Our heat treatment fixtures are almost made from NiCr alloy with benefits of increased fixture life, light weight, reduced distortion, stable quality and smooth surface of the castings.
      To give longer service life of the castings, we select only the 100% new raw material like pure nickle plate, FeCr60 chrome alloy, to guarantee the physical properties.
    • Heat Treatment:
      Annealing, normalizing, tempering, nitriding, carbonitriding, carburizing and induction hardening
    • Measurement inspection:
      Mechanical properties testing, tensile strength, yield point, Non destructive inspection (NDT), magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant test, ultrasonic, etc.
      100 % self-inspection. 3rd party inspection available.