Grate Bars Heat Steel Casting

  • Heat Steel Grate Bars are cast with  coated shell cast process.
  • Material Group:heat steel,1.4848,1.4849,1.4852,2.4879,ASTM A297 HH,HK,HU
  • Heat Steel Grate Bars are used for sintering furnaces.
Our Capability:
Casting & Heat-treating Service

We can produce the Heat Steel Grate Bars as per your material and your sizes.

Material Selection Service

We’d like to help select suitable material grade for your Heat Steel as per your specific working condition.

Material Grades & Alloys for Heat Steel Castings: 

1. High-temperature Alloy Castings:1.4848,1.4849,1.4852,2.4879,HH,HK,HU

2. Heat-resistant Steel Castings:

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