Furnace Rollers Heat Steel for Metallurgical Heat-treating Application from EB Casting

  • EB furnace roller is made from stainless steel,high Ni-Cr heat-resistant steel
  • Application includes Quenching furnaces,Annealing furnaces,Carburizing furnaces,Galvanizing furnaces,Sintering furnaces,Hardening furnaces
  • The furnace roller has shorter process time and higher production efficiency.


  • Brand: EB
  • Material Grade: 1.4849
  • Cast Process: Centrifugal Cast Process
  • Melting Process:Induction Furnace
  • Working Temperature: Up to 1600℃
  • Diameter:100 – 2500mm
  • Furnace roller has longer service life and better installation effects because of more scientific process design.
    Material Grade for high temperature Furnace Rollers is as below:

    750℃: Cr20Ni10

    750~850℃: Cr20Ni14

    850~950℃: Cr25Ni20Si2, SCH21

    950~1000℃: GX40NiCrSi38-18,1.4865

    1000~1100℃: GX40NiCrSiNb38-18,1.4849

    1100~1200℃: G-NiCr28W, 2.4879

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