Heat Resistant Steel Casting

Product brand: Qianbai Technology;

Material: heat-resistant steel, alloy casting;

Applications: heat treatment industry;

Performance · peculiarity

Product performance
Material: heat-resistant steel; stainless steel

Size: customized or existing mold

Application: Heat treatment industry;

This is the heat treatment material box that we used to make for our customers, you can also provide your own material chemistry or choose other materials from our material list

Shapes: A variety of round, square, rectangular, bolt assembly, and reversible pallet designs

Surface Treatment: Shot Peening/Sandblasting;

Process: Precision Casting / Investment Casting / Sand Casting / Machining & Sandblasting / Lost Wax Process & EPC Process & Sand Craft / Including Machining, etc.

Certificate: ISO9001, Material Certificate, SGS Certificate.

Standards: TBF, AFNOR, AISI, ATSM, UNI, BS, DIN, JIS, GB, etc

Maximum temperature: 1250°C

Measurement and inspection: dimensional testing, chemical composition analysis (spectral analysis), mechanical property testing, tensile strength, yield point, non-destructive testing (NDT), X-Ray testing, metallographic testing, magnetic particle testing, dye penetration testing, ultrasonic, etc.
Chemical analysis with spectrometer per heat, PT 100% (liquid penetration test), VI (visual inspection) 100%, dimensional inspection.
100% self-test. 3rd party inspections are available.

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