EB Alloy

Corrosion-resistant Castings

Our corrosion-resistant castings include cobalt alloy castings,Ni base alloy castings, stainless steel castings and Cu,Al castings.

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Heat-resistant Steel Castings

Our heat steel products include heat-treatment fixture,radiant tubes,furnace rollers,melting kettles,slag pots,grate bars.

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Wear Castings

Our wear castings include ball mill liners,cement mill liners,coal mill liners,mine mill liners,high Cr white iron,Ni-hard white iron,Cr-Mo Alloy Steel, high Mn steel castings,wear parts for crushers,wear plates.

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Centrifugal & Forging Process

We have the following production process for your selection:

  • Centrifugal Cast Process
  • Forging Process
  • Investment Cast Process
  • Sand Cast Process
  • Shell Cast Process
  • EPC Cast Process
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