Correct Use of One Hundred Meter Rig

For the normal construction of one hundred meter rig, minimize the occurrence of abnormalities. In addition to choosing a cost-effective one hundred meter rig, it is also important to understand the use of the 100-meter rig. The highly integrated console makes the rig more handy in actual use. The rig is equipped with two high-horsepower engines with a large drilling depth of up to 120 meters. The entire set of equipment adopts new processing technology, which increases the strength by nearly 65% ​​compared with the traditional one hundred meter rig. It is a portable rig suitable for depths of 60-120 meters today. Let’s talk more about the correct use of the one hundred meter rig.

One Hundred Meter Rig ?Correct Use of One Hundred Meter Rig

First, there must be an indispensable step, namely the installation of the rig and preparation in advance
1. Prepare the hole-drilling chamber in advance. The specifications of the hole-drilling chamber can be determined according to the method of drilling. Generally, the height of the chamber is 2.6-2.8 meters when the level hole is dug.
2. Connect water and oil pipelines, lighting fixture routes, etc. to the surrounding of the working face for backup.
3, according to the provisions of the design of the hole, the pillars should be sturdy. The left and right sides of the pillar should be padded with woodworking boards. The horizontal axis and the snap ring should be installed on the pillar according to a certain height and orientation. Use the hand-cranked hoist to mention the equipment, fix it on the pillar according to the required angle, and then adjust it. Hole direction of the rig.
Second, followed by two important steps, inspection before work
1. At the beginning of work, carefully check whether the water and oil pipelines are solidly connected and there are oil and water seepage.
2. Check whether the fuel pump is already full of automobile oil.
3. Check whether the screws, screw caps, connectors, etc. of each part are already tightened, and the poles are indeed firmly pressed.

one hundred meter rig

Third, then, that is to say the process of drilling work procedures

When punching, start the motor first, and then turn the push handle of the manipulator after everything is normal. Give it a moderate driving force, and then turn the handle that manipulates the impactor to the working part. After the drilling operation, the water inlet valve can be opened to maintain the gas-liquid compound in a proper proportion. To terminate the operation of the motor and stop supplying water to the impactor, insert the fork into the drill pipe slot of the bracket, make the motor flip over the double rocker to reverse, loosen the connector and the drill pipe, then connect the second drill pipe The circulatory system is continuously working.

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