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-Compound transmission device is mainly used for the power transmission of mechanical drive drilling rigs and electromechanical transmission drilling rigs, and the two types of such device are belt transmission and chain transmission.

We can matufacture all type of drilling rig from 1000m-9000m, different configurations and styles, including Digital control VF rig,Mechanical cold weather rig, Electromechanical Rig ,DC rig,mechanical rig ,trailer drilling rig.techonlogy from USA.

-The compound box made by our Company is of integrated structure, with characteristics of easy to dismount and install, compact structure and high reliability.

The main characteristic of drilling rig:

1. Modularize design,block package structure,connected with pins between sections.
2. Connected with cardan shaft, easy to install,dismount and deliver.
3. Front opening mast, installed at low position, integrally lifting.
4. Auxiliary driving equipments which are used to lift the mast and deal with emergency cases.
5. Integral chain driving box.
6. According to the models equipped with wellhead equipment and mud circulation system

It possesses the advantages of safe,reliable and labor-saving operation,high automaticity,and low cost of operation

The rig used AC-VFD-AC drive inverter CNC integrated applications, vector control, bus communication, computer and PLC, such as mature technology advanced, the main function of the realization of full digital control. Derrick the main base for low installation, one lift. Drilling high-9m, drilling wellhead platform with mechanized tools. 50dB winch for the uniaxial one block VVVF structure, braking using dual-role EATON WCSB436 end water-cooled gas push disc brake and CNC braking energy, the use of auxiliary drive device can be automatically sent WOB Constant drill and emergency role. Wheel driving force provided by the winch motor, one file wuji governor.
1. Various drive modes for drilling rigs including “diesel engine + hydraulic coupling transmission +chain compound” “diesel engine +reducing gear box + narrow V belt compound” are available for option. The power is reasonable distributed for higher efficiency.
2. Either inner or outer speed change is optional for draw works of drilling rigs. Speed change is easy and fast by remote pneumatic control. Main brake is either band brake or hydraulic disc brake. Electric magnetic eddy current brake for auxiliary brake.
3. For drilling rigs over 4000m in drilling depth, rig floor is in two levels which is “front high rear lower” power and transmission system are installed on the rear low level and the rig power is transmitted to drive rotary table and catworks located on drill floor through bevel gear reducer and universal shaft.
4. Module designed, advanced technology, easy for assemble and disassembly.
5. drilling rig is fitted with bailing drum, mechanical friction cathead and rotary table drive device.
6. Independent driller cabin is on the user’s requirements.
7. Independent automatic drilling system could be equipped as the client’s requirements. to realize the intelligent control of pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and instrument system so that driller completes the total drilling operation in the cabin.
china factory prices
The world’s top level of the manufacturing process
Safe,reliable and labor-saving operation
It can satisfy the requirements for the drilling of water well.With strong lifting capacity,it can be used for the construction of other resource holes including terrestrial heat.

Oil Drilling Rig machine / Well Drilling Equipment

The Technical features of DC electric drilling rigs:

1.Adopt advanced AC-SCR-DC electric drive technology
2. Substructure can be erected as box on box type,parallelogram type or vertically lifting type,which is very flexible,stable in structure and quick when lifting.
3.The integral or separate drawworks is driven by chain transmission.The main brake adopts disc brake.Emergency devices and independent sand reel are optional.
4.Rotary table is driven by combined drive and independent drive.
5.Logic control supervision and maintenance during complete drilling operations are available by PLC processes.The drilling data can be stored ,printed and remote transmitted.
6.Can be equipped with sliding rail to realize the cluster well drilling rigs moving between the wells.Also can be equipped with tractors to realize fast moving.


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