Introduction of No6625 Alloy Material


Do you know No6625 Alloy Material? No6625 bolt steel performance and effect, no6625 material knowledge and use instructions, no6625 product number: KY-[lknbzf]02, slab rolling heating temperature is 1140~1160℃, final rolling temperature is not less than 1060℃. The heating temperature for sheet rolling is 1140~1160℃, and the final rolling temperature is not lower than 800℃. GH4141 high temperature alloy welding performance GH4141 alloy can be fusion welding, diffusion welding, brazing, friction welding. Fusion welding can be used either electron beam welding or argon arc welding. We have received customers from the Middle East, India, Indonesia and Germany for the steel type no6625 so far, including old customers who have cooperated for many years, as well as new customers who are attracted by the Internet. On the one hand, they are interested in the complete inventory of no6625 materials of EB China, and the on-site inspection also allows them to contact and learn more special materials. The spot inventory allows them to quickly respond to the local market; on the other hand, compared to foreign steel mills The minimum order quantity, the thoughtful processing service of EB China and the smaller minimum order quantity, have wider cooperation opportunities.

For some large and heavy workpieces, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of the furnace, and the need to maintain vertical heating and vertical quenching of certain workpieces during heat treatment, special tooling should be designed according to the furnace type. For some workpieces that need to be cold corrected or easily deformed, special tooling should be designed.

In addition, the popular export materials are: no6625 600 alloy, 400 alloy, C-276 alloy and titanium palladium alloy, and the specific brands are noPH, S17400, 630, 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb, X6CrNiCu17-04, X5CrNiCuNb16-4, Z6CNU17-04, 431, S43100, 1Cr17Ni2, X17CrNi16-2, 1.4057, 430F, Y1Cr17, 1.4104, 1.4509, 15-5PH, 0Cr17, 1Cr17, 430, X12Cr17, 1.4016, 416, Y1Cr13, X12CrS13, 1.4005, 303, Y1Cr18Ni9, 415, S41500, F6NM, 04Cr13Ni5Mo, 0Cr13Ni4Mo, 1.4418, Z2CN18-10, Z2CND17-12, Z6CN18-10, Z6CND17-12, 9Cr18, 9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18MoV, 95Cr18, 102Cr17Mo, 90Cr18MoV.

No6625 Alloy

Deformed alloys and locally cast alloys need to be heat treated, including solution treatment, treatment and aging treatment. Take Udmet500 alloy as an example. Its heat treatment law is divided into four sections: solid solution treatment, 1175℃, 2 hours, air cooling; , 1080°C, 4 hours, air cooling; sequential aging treatment, 843°C, 24 hours, air cooling; secondary aging treatment, 760°C, 16 hours, air cooling.

Special materials, what fights is the ability of induction. This is a capital-integrated industry that has gone through many links such as bonded warehousing, verification and warehousing, supporting processing and distribution, and provides users with high value-added products and services. Getting through the entire industrial chain is not a one-day effort. It is the persistence and dedication of EB Casting for 20 years.

Welcome to consult EB Casting about no6625 alloy products, we will provide you with the heat treatment process of no6625, the grade of no6625 the chemical composition of no6625, the density of no6625, the mechanical properties of no6625, the price of no6625, etc.

Dear customers, whether you are getting a casting, a flat plate, a package of welding material, a tube rod, or a batch of processed parts, non-standard customized goods, or skills, process consulting, or even never before The new services are all solidified by the listening, professionalism, efficiency and service of the people of EB Casting.

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