1.Introduction to Monel K500 alloy

Monel K-500 alloy is a nickel-copper alloy.that combines the excellent corrosion resistance of Alloy 400 with greater strength and hardness. Alloy K-500 provides a yield strength three times higher than Alloy 400. These enhanced properties are mainly achieved by adding elements of aluminum and titanium and age hardening on the basis of nickel as a main element. During the age hardening process, a small amount of Ni3 (titanium, aluminum) particles precipitated into the matrix. K-500’s low magnetic permeability, high strength and good corrosion resistance have been widely used, mainly oil well detector materials and electronic components. An important feature is that the K-500 is still non-magnetic even at very low temperatures.

Monel K500 alloy

2.Monel K500 Alloy Grade

Monel K500‘s alloy grades have different grades in different countries. Below are some common domestic and foreign grades listed.

(1) US UNS

(2) Monel K500

(3) N05500

3.Monel K500 Chemical Composition

Composition (%)CSiMnFeSCuNiAiTi
Monel K500≤0.10≤0.50≤1.50≤2.0≤0.0127.0~33.063.0~70.02.30~3.150.35~0.86

4.Physical properties of Monel K500 Alloy.

Density :8.05g/cm3

Melting point :1288-1343°C

Tensile strength Rm N/mm:2 1100

Elongation A5:20 %

Yield strength RP0.2N/mm:2 790

5.Use of Monel K500 Alloy.

Monel K500 alloy is a very good anti-corrosion product, especially in the corrosion resistance of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and carbon, so most of the machines working in the outdoors will use Monel K500 material to guarantee the workpiece. Long-term use.

The Monel K500 has a wide range of applications in many areas. Mainly used in the manufacture of turbine blades and gas turbine blades with a working temperature below 750 °C on aeroengines; for the manufacture of fasteners and springs on ships; pumps and valve parts on chemical equipment; and squeegee blades on papermaking equipment Wait.

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