Mill Liners are Sent to Australia

Celebrate our Mill Liners are sent to Australia
On February 5th, we received an inquiry from Joe Caesar, an Australian customer.
Asking us whether to produce castings and forgings.
After getting our affirmative answer, the customer sent us drawings and information parameters, and asked if we have any experience in shipping to Sydney, discussed the material and model of the product.
Name: Chute Lining
Hardness: >600BHN
Material: Nickel hard
Applicaton: Chute/Hopper
Certification: ASTM
Size Tolerance: as per CT13
Production Process: Sand Process

During the discussion, the customer asked us if we can help buy matching bolts, washers, and nuts.
Surprisingly, our factory provides matching bolts, washers, and nuts.
After discussion, we decided to meet customer needs at the lowest cost price. Lay the foundation for future cooperation.

Mill Liners

Today, March 4, 2021, we shipped the first batch of [2 containers] Mill Liners from Shanghai Port for our customers.

Company Profile :
[Our company is a high alloy casting and forging company. There are 4 large factories under its umbrella, namely, casting and forging production plant, heat-resistant steel production plant, corrosion-resistant non-ferrous metal plant and machinery manufacturing plant]

Casting and forging production plants: mainly produce various high-alloy mine mill liners, ball mill liners, high chromium castings, high manganese steel castings, nickel hard castings, composite metal castings, Cr Mo Steel Castings, High Chrome White Iron, SAG Mill Liner , Ball Mill Liner, Coal Mill Liner, bolts and nuts, etc.

Mill LinersMill LinersMill LinersMill Liners

Heat-resistant steel production plant: mainly produces various Heat-treatment Fixture, Heat Treatment Basket, Heat Treatment Tray, Radiant Tubes, Furnace Rollers, Centrifugal Casting Roller, Sand casting smelting pot, Cast Steel Melter Kettles, Cast Steel Slag Pot, Melting Kettle Castings, Aluminum Ingot Mold, High Quality Sow Mould, Heat-resistant Castings Grate Bars, Slag Pot/Slag Ladle, etc.

Corrosion-resistant metal factory: Main Dental Alloy, cobalt-based castings, cemented carbide balls, valve ball seats, nickel castings, Stellite products, Tin bronze castings, titanium products, etc. Castings and forgings, processed products.

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