Introduction of MDL-150H Drilling Rig

I think the MDL-150H Drilling Rig is perfect for you. I will introduce you to this MDL-150H rig. Maybe after you read my introduction, you will have a great interest in it.

Introduction of MDL-150H Drilling Rig

The MDL-150H crawler type high lift multi-purpose drilling rig is a high lift developed for pipe shed, anchoring, swirling and precipitation according to domestic subways, tunnels, high slopes, high-rise buildings, airports, ground source heat pumps and other deep foundation pits. The main features of the multi-functional drilling rig compared with the general lifting rig are as follows:

Suitable for the following process construction:

  1. Anchoring can be done with drill pipe drilling, casing drilling, and drill pipe casing drilling.
  2. Rotary spray can be suitable for single, double, triple rotary spray and other methods.
  3. Foundation pit precipitation
  4. Pipe shed support construction
  5. Miniature pile
  6. Geothermal hole (water well) construction, survey

Torque and speed can be reasonably matched according to actual needs. The propeller travel is 3.4 meters. It can be drilled with 3 meters of drill pipe and casing. It is an efficient gyrator that can be equipped with corresponding torque and speed according to different bottom layers. The adaptability of the rig.

It is equipped with a crawler chassis, a high-position rotary platform, a large-diameter leg cylinder, a 1.5- meter carriage, and an orifice support device, which makes the drilling machine easy to displace and position, and is stable and reliable when drilling.

It is equipped with a clamping shackle, which makes the loading and unloading drill pipe and casing labor-intensive and efficient.

The maximum horizontal lifting height is 3.3 meters.

The double-cylinder excavator boom has excellent stability in any lift state.

It can be constructed under horizontal, vertical, elevation and negative angle conditions to meet the needs of multiple construction processes.

The track is larger than the ground and adapts to the harsh construction environment.

With the corresponding drilling tools, the following construction processes can be satisfied.

  1. The three-wing drill bit is drilled and the mud is drained. Applicable to the soil layer, sand layer and other strata to tell the drilling.
  2. The air DTH hammer is drilled and the air is drained. Suitable for rock formation and fracture layer construction.
  3. The liquid hammer at the bottom of the hole is drilled, and the mud is drained. It is suitable for the construction of large water-bearing strata such as broken layer and sand egg layer.
  4. The drill sleeve is drilled.
  5. Single, double, triple rotary, fixed spray, pendulum spray and other rotary spray and extended head anchor cable process.
  6. Drill pipe and casing composite drilling.

In summary, this drilling rig is powerful enough to meet a variety of construction environments. Do you see your heart here? You can visit our official website: and find this powerful rig, or you can contact our sales manager John Liu . His contact information: 0086 131 0197 2014.

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