Manganese Steel Hammer

Manganese Steel Hammer/ Crusher Hammer for hammer crusher also named as hammerhead, super high mn steel hammerhead, high chrome hammer, composite hammer, ring-type hammer, bimetallic hammer, etc.

We factory use of high manganese steel, super high manganese steel, alloy steel, single or double metal composite casting material and combined with advanced production technology to produce high Mn steel hammer, Crusher Hammer, high chrome hammer, hammer and other complex alloy hammer to adapt to different crushing condition for hammer crushers.

Manganese Steel HammerManganese Steel Hammer

Description of Crusher hammer/hammerhead:
Crusher Hammer/ hammerhead is the most important working parts of hammer crusher. Wherein the quality, shape and material will determines the production capacity of hammer crusher.

Crusher Hammer’s kinetic energy in proportion to it’s weight, the greater of the kinetic energy, the more higher of crushing efficiency. Our could offer you complete catagories and weights of crusher hammer/ hammerhead, the minimum hammer is 5 kg and the maximum up to 300 kg hammer. All Species of hammer’s weight can be customized according to customer demand.
Our Crusher Hammer/ hammerhead use of new high-quality multi-element high chromium manganese steel to composite casting, which make its life is generally hammer’s several times.

Manganese Steel Hammer: hammer high mn steel crusher good toughness, good technology, low price, its main feature is the surface layer of hammer will quickly generate work hardening under the action of impact or contact stress and it’s work hardening index is higher 4-8 times than other materials, so the wear resistance is greatly improved.

Our produced hammer crusher main spare parts including the high chrome crusher hammer, crusher rotor, liner plate and so on. New hammers have a service life 50% longer than those made of common high manganese steel and are safer to use.

Manganese Steel Hammer Manganese Steel Hammer

Advantages of our Crusher Hammer/hammer head:
  1. Good wear-resistance
  2. High cost performance
  3. Fast delivery
  4. Long use time
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Good after-sales service
  7. Optimized design
  8. Advanced technology

Hammer crusher hammers:
Crusher hammers casted the Tungsten Titanium alloy in the high-manganese steel substrate, It may resist the severe grinding abrasion. Applying the method of alloying and modification treatment of rare earth and optimizing the matching of chemical composition.
Hammer crusher rotors:
Hammer crusher rotoris the key component of hammer crusher. After long time using the hammer pin is easily to be out of shape also the plateand crusher hammers are likely to break. Manufactures the optimized crusher rotor and solves all these problems completely.

We manufactures the hammer crusher spares with external refining and pressure casting technologies. Molten steel is purer and the matrix is more compact. Our hammer crusher spares have a service life longer than those made of common high manganese steel and are safer to use.


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