One Kind Of Implosion Expansion Bolt

On July 27, 2019, we received a project from a Saudi client. The client wants an expansion bolt, but unlike previous expansion bolts, it is suitable for some cavity type structures that can only be tightened from one side.

The bolt required by the customer is M16x50mm, grade 10.9, surface hot dip galvanized.Due to the requirement of working condition and strength grade.We recommend using 35CrMo material.

The implosion expansion bolt consists of an outer hexagon bolt, a sleeve, and a conical nut.To use, insert the bolt of the sleeve into the hole that needs to be tightened, use the hexagon wrench to clamp the hexagon on the main sleeve, and use the outer hexagon wrench to clamp the hexagon on the bolt, and tighten it. The conical nut will go up with the rotation to open the slot under the sleeve, and the tightening effect has been achieved.

Picture of implosion expansion bolt:

implosion expansion bolt

Chemical Component of 35CrMo:


Mechanical Capacity of 35CrMo:

Tensile Strength MPa≥985(100)
Yield Strength MPa≥835(85)
Elongation %≥12
Hardness HB≤229HB

Working condition picture of implosion expansion bolt:




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