Hot Zinc Pot  is an important part of hot galvanized furnace, the main equipment of hot zinc furnace includes: Hot Zinc Pot , galvanized furnace body, heating system, temperature measurement and control system.Material selection, manufacturing process quality, heating system selection and combination of Hot zinc pot, temperature measurement and control equipment accuracy and reliability, etc., all have a direct impact on the life of zinc pot and the cost and efficiency of the whole galvanized process.

It has developed different heating system to adapt to the gas, electricity, fuel and the different energy such as coal, manufacture installation and heating characteristics of heating system, life has a great influence of zinc pot, furnace construction and combustion system should make full use of available zinc pot heating area, the pot wall uniform heating, avoid the pot wall is too hot, to extend the service life of zinc pot.

Zinc galvanizing furnace heating system should be most heat passed on to the upper pot, because the upper half of the zinc pot galvanizing calories consumed the most place, but do want to deep enough zinc pot, zinc pot should satisfy large heating area, to ensure that the Hot zinc pot on no more than half the critical heat intensity zinc boiler heating surface must be kept in the lowest part of the zinc slag layer above about 100 mm, if estimated around 200 mm at hkust, zinc slag layer is not heated in zinc pot of more than 300 mm.

Galvanizing furnace temperature control is very important to prolong the life of hot zinc pot , the pot size wall must be uniform heating, also must try to trim the zinc furnace wall temperature difference between inside and outside, zinc pot wall temperature should not exceed 480 ℃.

Hot Zinc Pot

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