High Purity Lead Alloy Ball Successfully Shipped To The Netherlands

In March 2019, our Dutch customer decisively gave us a second order. Thanks to the high appreciation of the first order alloy round bar, the customer is full of trust in our profession and strength.

This time, customers still need to order high-purity lead alloy balls and bars, which require a purity of over 99.9%. Due to the variety of alloy balls required by customers, the lead alloy balls required by customers

The size of the alloy bar is different. There is a size error in the production process. The size of the produced product does not match the customer’s requirements. In addition, the delivery period is relatively tight, and the production department workers can only urgently process the lead alloy ball and the round bar. Try to meet the size required by the customer and strictly observe the delivery time.


Before the shipment, our professional quality inspectors strictly measured the size and took photos to the customer as feedback. The customer feedback was excellent and only required us to deliver on time. Soon, the customer received our products, and the other products were perfect; only the pure lead bar, because we neglected its own soft texture, did not care too much about its packaging, resulting in damage during transportation, the customer received After the arrival, I said that I could not understand and even offered a refund request, but we gave feedback, comfort, apologize to the customer, and promised that we are willing to take the damaged lead. The customer was finally impressed by our sincerity.

 High purity alloy ball

In response to this mistake, our production department and packaging quality inspection department have done the following introspection and improvement measures:

1.For the outer packaging, not only should we consider the heavy goods to be placed below, but also give priority to the soft texture of the products should be placed above;

2.For vulnerable products, it is necessary to focus on multi-layer packaging, separating parts and parts, and doing various protection measures;

3.If a problem occurs, it is necessary to give feedback to the customer in a timely manner and patiently communicate with the customer. We sincerely and professionally influence our customers and let our customers deeply perceive: We have done our best to face the imperfect results, we can accept them completely, try our best to minimize losses and safeguard the interests of our customers.

We are always professional and sincere to our customers. We hope that our sincerity can influence our customers and our professionalism can win the trust of our customers.


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